She rolls her eyes with a sly smile. “Nice try, Deputy. No matter what special day it is, I draw the line at anal.”

I nearly swerve into traffic and choke on my own saliva. “Jesus, Court!”

She’s laughing, and I’m trying to slow my heartbeat back down.

“You’re so easy!” she says, laughing and wiping away the tears that came at my expense. “Why are guys so obsessed with anal anyway? I mean, is it because it’s like a taboo thing or does it actually feel better? Is it that much tighter? God, it sounds painful.”

“Okay, seriously. You’ve got to stop saying the word anal.” I adjust my crotch and she looks down and notices.

“You’re getting hard? So, you do like anal?” she inquires, and I’m two seconds away from pulling the truck over. She sucks in her lower lip, enjoying the way she’s riling me up.

“Can we not talk about anal right now?” I shift my pants again, getting really irritated that my dick is responding to the way Courtney’s talking. Goddammit.

“So, then, it’s a no on the anal?”

“Courtney!” I shout and she bursts out laughing. “I’m going to bend you over my truck and show you if you don’t stop.”

“Ha! I dare you! There’s no way you’re doing butt stuff without the proper lubricant.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, woman.” She’s trying to make me lose it.

“Okay, sorry.” She pouts her lower lip out and bats her lashes at me. “You look super uncomfortable right now. Perhaps I can help with that…” She rubs her hand over my thigh and starts rubbing me through my jeans.

“You better stop that, Court.”

“But I want to help.”

“Touching me while I’m driving is probably not going to help me, sweetheart.”

“Well just because I can’t offer you anal right now doesn’t mean I can’t offer you my mouth.”

Oh my fucking God. This woman. She’s trying to kill me.

“You’ll get us into an accident,” I warn as she unbuttons and unzips me. I swallow, keeping my eyes locked on the road. “You’re breaking about a thousand laws right now,” I tell her, only halfway teasing because now that she has her hand around me, I don’t want her to stop.

“Then I suggest you keep your eyes on the road, Deputy.” She licks her tongue up my shaft, and I jerk at the warm sensation her mouth brings.

“Do you have any idea how hard that is when you’re sucking my dick?”

“Willpower, babe. Keep us on the road, and I’ll keep my mouth right here.” I hear the seduction in her tone and it’s driving me insane that I can’t touch her the same way.

I grind my teeth, fighting the urge to run my hand down her back and strip her clothes off. Fuck, she’s got me exactly where she wants me. Taking control and knowing there isn’t shit I can do about it until we get home.

“Holy shit, sweetheart. You and that fucking mouth.” I groan, ready to speed the rest of the way home and throw her down on the bed. “You’re so lucky there’re no handcuffs in my truck right now.”

“Oh yeah?” she asks and then brings the tip into her mouth until I feel it press against the back of her throat. After that, I lose every thought and the only thing I focus on is getting us back home as soon as fucking possible.

She works my cock like a fucking pro, sliding her mouth up and down my shaft as I shift uncomfortably in my seat. She knows it’s driving me insane and it’s getting her off knowing how much it’s getting me off. I tangle my fingers in her hair and squeeze a fistful. Fuck, she’s so goddamn sexy right now and if this stoplight doesn’t turn green in the next two seconds, I’m going to have to pull over and bend her ass over the seat. There’s no way I can wait until we get back home. I’m about to explode.

“Baby…fuck, I can’t hold back any longer,” I warn her, ready to come in my palm so it doesn’t get everywhere, but she pushes my hand away and sinks her mouth deeper on my dick. She wraps one hand around the base of my shaft, glides her tongue in a circle along the tip, and just as my body tightens, she closes her lips around me and swallows down my release.

Of course, now the fucking light turns green.

I press on the gas and speed the rest of the way home as she cleans me up with her tongue. I swear to God, she lives to torture me.

“That’s a sneak peek at what your birthday gift entails,” she finally says, sitting back upright and licking her lips.

“Are you trying to kill us?” I jokingly scold, tucking my cock back inside my pants.

“Well how was I to know the word anal would set your dick off?” She looks over at me and sucks her lips into her mouth, trying to hold back laughter. Yeah, she knows exactly what she’s fucking doing to me and she’s enjoying it, too.

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