“My apologies, your honor. Ms. Montgomery has come down with an illness last minute.”

More like a mental illness, but if that’s the card she wants to play, then fine. Jake has everything prepared for what we need anyway. The LVPD faxed over their files of the police report and everything else they’ve found in the weeks leading up to the court date. Although we have yet to press charges, this is one step in the right direction.

Jake is the first to speak on our behalf, explaining why the restraining order is necessary, what she did to us, what she’s done to Drew in the past, and why our lives feel threatened enough to file one in the first place.

Her attorney takes a long sip of his coffee as he stands and shuffles through files that look almost empty. You can tell he’s completely unprepared and considering that Mia comes from big family money, I’d at least expect her to come with a big fancy lawyer to defend her.

“After reviewing the plaintiff’s files, a restraining order against Ms. Montgomery is unreasonable and she would like to file a cross-petition.”

“On what grounds?” Jake asks, speaking out of turn. It’s only just begun and he’s already boiling.

Judge Henderson shoots him a disapproving look and motions for Mia’s attorney to continue.

“There’s been no physical evidence or proof that Ms. Montgomery is a threat to them in any way. From what I can tell, everything is speculation. The new girlfriend doesn’t like having the old girlfriend around and she wants her out of the picture for good.”

Before Jake can open his mouth, Judge Henderson tells him to stick with the facts. He also reminds him of just how major the speculations are; even if she wasn’t the one doing the actual act, she’s most suspected for being a co-conspirator in our drugging and my kidnapping. He also reminds him that Mia has most recently shown up at our house and that we feel threatened by her unstable behavior.

Her attorney rambles off facts about how she comes from a wealthy home, an elite university, was in the top twenty percent of her graduating class, and has never shown threatening behavior to either of us, which is obviously laughable. His whole defense infuriates me the longer he speaks. He then tries to say that being in the same city as us is only a coincidence seeing as Vegas is a big tourist city and it shouldn’t be assumed she followed us there or went there specifically to harm us. My eyes roll back so hard, but I squeeze them tight as soon as I catch myself. I cannot let her or her stupid attorney get to me.

While Judge Henderson agrees there hasn’t been any physical harm to us, such as assault, or video evidence of her being involved, the temporary restraining order stays in effect until the next court date. The lawyer is told to ensure his client shows up next time and if she is a no-show again, a warrant will be granted for her arrest. Until then, she’s to follow the orders or jail time will be the next course of action.

Apparently, her coming into our hotel room doesn’t break any laws since she had a keycard, and since we can’t show her being the one to steal it, we can’t pin it on her. Until the LVPD finds the bartender and can get him to talk, we can only make assumptions.

Judge Henderson lets us know that court will resume in twenty-one days. Until then, Mia cannot violate the terms of the restraining order, and if she does, she can face up to thirty days in jail. If she fails to show up, a warrant will go out for her arrest, and then only if they can find her, she’ll do jail time. However, part of me doubts she’ll actually stay in jail. Her parents come from big money—the kind that you don’t do jail time, no matter the circumstances.

Drew and I walk out of the courthouse hand in hand, not really saying anything, just listening as Jake talks to us. He tells us we have nothing to worry about, that even without the video evidence, we’ll have enough to be granted the permanent restraining order. Even better if she breaks the order and we have proof of that. He’s adamant that we call the cops immediately if she returns.

“Well that was…” Drew begins as he starts the engine.

“Weird,” I fill in for him.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “I guess I should’ve figured she wouldn’t show, but man, her attorney is an asshat.”

“He’s probably on the family payroll and just found out about the case yesterday,” I say, thinking that must be the reason why he was so out of sorts, which is probably good for us. However, now that we have another court date, that only means he can prepare for next time if he needs to.

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