“I wouldn’t doubt that,” Drew says. “Doesn’t change the facts though.”

“So, if she breaks the order, how do we prove it? If we call it in, she’ll just leave before they show up.”

He purses his lips, thinking, and then snaps his fingers. “Cameras. We’ll install them around the house, and if she does come back around, we’ll have proof she’s violated the order.” He glances over at me and smiles. “Plus, I know it’ll make you feel more at ease, and I will too, when I’m not home at night.”

“Some girls get candy and flowers, and I get security cameras around my house,” I say in a teasing voice, although I agree with his idea. Since we’re at a standstill with getting enough proof in Vegas, this is something that makes me feel like we’re more in control.

“Only the best for my baby!” he says in an overexaggerated voice, reaching over and squeezing my thigh. I laugh and rest my head on his shoulder the rest of the way home.

By Thursday the following week, I’m more than ready for the weekend. Jayden’s been keeping my mind occupied with his stupid jokes he keeps sending me, and even though they’re lame as hell, I laugh at them every damn time.

“Oh my God,” I say, trying to cover up my mouth so I don’t disrupt the other workers. “That’s a dirty joke!”

“And you want to know what’s even weirder? My mother sent that one to me!” His eyes widen as he tells me this. I laugh again, and this time, Bonnie from across the room flashes me a dirty look.

“Your mother must have a good sense of humor,” I say.

“Or boundary issues,” he responds matter-of-factly. I nod in agreement.

“So, remember that upcoming conference I found in San Francisco? I’m going to ask Travis if you can come with me. I think it’ll be a good experience.” I smile as I tell him because I know he’s going to freak out.

“Seriously? You think he’ll say yes?”

“I don’t see why not! You’re obviously here for the long haul and you’re a super-fast learner. A work conference would be great for your continued training.”

“That’d be amazing. I love San Francisco.”

“He’ll probably get back to me today, so when I find out, I’ll let you know right away.”

“Sounds good!” He gives me a little wave as he walks back to his desk. We talked a lot this week, which has surprisingly been a nice outlet for me. He’s listened to me vent about Mia and court and how we installed a camera security system around our house just to be on the safe side. He’s heard all about her crazy shenanigans and it’s been great having someone at work to release some of that frustration onto instead of Drew or Viola.

Drew’s been at work, and it’s just been Buddy and me at home all night. It’s allowed me to do some good planning for his birthday and I can’t wait for this weekend when it all happens.

By Friday afternoon, I’m overly giddy to leave work and get home to Drew and Buddy. Travis approved the conference, and I was excited to tell Jayden the good news this morning. Drew stopped in for our Friday lunch as usual, but now that we have Buddy, he cuts it short to make sure he doesn’t get into any mischief.

Either way, it’s a nice way to break up my day when I know in just a few short hours, my weekend with him begins. His birthday is tomorrow and I can’t wait to share it with him. It’ll be our first official birthday together as a couple.

As soon as I walk in our front door, Drew wraps his arms around me. I drop my bag before I even have time to comprehend what’s happening. He lifts my body up and my legs tighten around his waist. He palms my ass as my arms wrap around his shoulders.

“Drew!” I squeal, tightening my hold on him. “What are you doing?”

“Shh…” he tells me, walking us down the hallway. “You’ll wake him.”

“Who? Buddy?” I whisper.

He waits to answer until we’re in the bathroom and shuts the door. Pressing my back against the door, he holds me up with his hips.

“I needed to get you alone before he knows you’re home,” he says against my neck, his lips feathering kisses under my ear. “Biggest cockblocker I’ve ever met.”

Leaning my head back, I laugh at how jealous Drew sounds over a dog. It’s adorable.

“So, you’re holding me hostage in the bathroom while he sleeps?”

His hands roam down my sides, gripping my hips and steadying us. “Yes. I’ve hardly seen you all week and when I come home, the damn dog hogs you in my bed. Figured I needed to strategize to get to you first.”

“Well, I can’t say I’m not enjoying this side of you,” I say with a pleased smile. It’s been a while since we’ve had some alone time together. Between him working all night and Buddy clinging to my side, there hasn’t really been an opportunity for just Drew and me.

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