“I’m taking back my woman,” he growls with a smile. “Now get undressed. We’re taking a shower.” He sets me down, and I adjust myself.

“A shower? I thought we’re supposed to go to your parents’ house for your birthday dinner?”

He starts unbuttoning his shirt and for a moment I get lost in watching him. Everything about him is pure perfection and some days, like now, I can’t believe he’s really mine.

“I’m the birthday boy. I can be late for my own party if I want to.” Smirking, he pulls his shirt off and tosses it to the floor. I laugh at his playfulness as he starts unbuttoning his jeans next. “Clothes. Off.”

“All right, all right! But you better not get me in trouble with your mom. Reenacting your first birthday picture is her life. She’ll have our heads if we’re—”

Drew cuts off my words with a kiss and mumbles, “We won’t be late if you stop talking and take off your fucking clothes.”

I smile against his mouth. “Yes, Deputy.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

As fast as I can, I undress, kicking my shoes off and tossing my dress clothes to the floor in a pile. Drew turns on the water and by the steam, I can tell he’s made it extra hot.

Once we’re both completely naked, he pulls us into the shower and immediately, his hot lips are on mine. The water runs down his back and over his hair. We step in further until both of us are under the stream.

His hands rub over my arms and body, pressing us against each other. I can feel how hard he is against my stomach, and I’m already greedy for it.

“So, tell me, sweetheart. How many times did you touch yourself in this shower thinking about me?” His mouth moves down my jawline as he speaks in my ear. “How serious was this crush?”

“Oh my God,” I groan. “You’re so full of yourself.”

His fingers move down my stomach and find my clit. He rubs them along my slit and slips one finger inside.

“You’re about to be full of me real soon. Answer the question, Court. I want to know.”

“No.” My head falls back as he pushes a second finger inside, my face and hair not the only part of me drenched.

“No, you didn’t?” he asks.

“No, I’m not telling you,” I say matter-of-factly.

He cups my chin with his other hand and an evil smirk plays on his lips. “Why not? Embarrassed to admit you touched yourself while thinking about me?”

I shake my head, thinking of the times I did think about him in here. There are toys in my bedroom for a reason. Seeing him every single day, shirtless, sweaty from working out, his hair slicked back after a shower—a girl had to take care of herself after seeing all that.

“You’ll just let it go to your head,” I say, teasing him just like he’s teasing my clit right now. He’s trying to torture it out of me. He rubs my clit between his thumb and finger, knowing it’s almost enough to set me off.

“I like thinking about you getting off while thinking about me. It turns me on.”

“Yeah? How many times have you taken care of business in the shower?”

He laughs. “That’s not really a fair question.”

“An answer for an answer,” I fire back, his fingers sinking deeper in, making my back arch against the shower wall.

“All right, we’ll play your little game. I’ve jerked off in the shower probably a hundred or more times.”

My head lifts and my eyes widen at his number. “Oh my God!”

“What? I’ve lived here for years, so in retrospect, it’s not really that much.”

“I know, but still. That sounds like a lot.” Just thinking about him in here touching himself is enough to set me off completely.

“Well, I had a girlfriend that was long-distance and sometimes not a girlfriend at all. Would you rather I’d brought back random hook-ups instead?” He brings his hands up and places them on each side of me against the shower wall.

“Well, no,” I admit. “What about in the last six months? How many times?”

A smile forms on his mouth as he presses his lips against mine, avoiding the question. We’ve been together for over six months now, so asking is only for my own selfish pleasure.

“Don’t distract me with your lips,” I tease, pulling my head back. “I want to know.”

“You haven’t even answered my original question. You owe me first.”

Damn, he’s right.

“Fine. I got myself off probably…every few days or so.”

He raises a brow.

“Probably a few times a day.”

He raises it higher.

“Multiple orgasms,” I say as an explanation. “A girl builds up and sometimes they just keep coming.”

His throat moves as he swallows. “How many times?”

I open my mouth, but then close it.

“How many times?” he repeats, his voice deeper.

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