“Mm,” Courtney moans with closed eyes and a smile sweeps across her lips. “Happy birthday, baby. I owe you birthday breakfast,” she states, still half asleep.

I chuckle and kiss her hair, her cheek, and then her lips. “It’s more like brunch considering it’s almost ten.”

She sits up quickly and turns and looks at me with wide eyes. “Almost ten? We can’t sleep the day away! It’s your special day!”

“Nah. It’s just another day and it comes every year.” I pull her close until her face is hovering above mine.

“Birthdays are important,” she tells me. “You don’t care what we do today?”

I shake my head. “As long as you’re with me, it’s bound to be an awesome birthday. But I was thinking we could take Buddy to the dog park. It’ll be fun and from what I can see, it’s a beautiful day out.”

“You’re too easy, Deputy. The dog park it is. I’ll make some eggs quick and we can get going.”

I give her my best puppy dog eyes. “Can we skip birthday breakfast and replace it with a birthday blow job?”

Buddy groans as if he understood what I said and jumps off the bed.

“Hold tight. I’m going to let him outside,” she tells me, pressing a finger to my lips.

Courtney runs down the hall and the sound of Buddy’s paws against the floor follows behind her. The back door opens and she praises him for being a good listener. A moment later, she’s in the bedroom and shuts the door before Buddy can follow behind her.

“He’ll be okay out there.” She hooks her fingers on my shorts and slides them down my body. Her wide blue eyes meet mine before she places the tip in her mouth.

“Just thinking about your lips on me does that.” I nod down toward my cock, which is already at full attention.

She slides her tongue from the tip to the bottom of my shaft, and I close my eyes, losing myself in the sensation of her warm mouth on me. Courtney moves slowly, taking her time and randomly stroking me with her hand. My moans fill the room, and I thread my fingers through her messy blonde hair as her tongue swirls around and traces the crown of my cock. The orgasm builds quickly, faster than I expected, and before I can give her warning, she becomes more aggressive, taking my warmth in her mouth and swallowing it down. She crawls up my body, kissing my stomach, chest, neck and then presses her lips against mine in a heated passion.

Buddy starts howling and scratching against the door and Courtney rolls her eyes. “Tonight, we’ll pick up where we left off.”

I dig my fingers into her hips as she rocks against me and then climbs off. She slips out of her clothes, leaves them on the floor, and looks over her shoulder at me before walking out of my room. She returns wearing a pair of jeans and a low-cut shirt that I’m already a fan of. When she looks over at me, I’m smiling like a crazy person.

“Get up!” She tugs on my arm.

“Okay, okay.” I stand and pull her into my arms and kiss her and can still taste her mint toothpaste. I get dressed as she puts a leash on Buddy. Once I’m ready, I grab one of the new balls we just bought.

We walk outside and Buddy is raring to go, looking like he might pull off Courtney’s arm. Before we get in the truck, she looks up at the sky and starts shaking her head before turning around.

“What?” I laugh.

“We’re taking the Jeep. Not a cloud in the sky!” She twirls the keys around her finger.

Today couldn’t be any more beautiful and spending it with her makes it that much better. We take the top off the Jeep and Buddy is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen in the backseat as we travel toward the dog park.

As soon as we park, Buddy’s tail is wagging so much, his whole body’s moving from side-to-side. He’s so excited to get out and Courtney can’t stop laughing at him as she grabs his leash.

“Once we enter the gates, you can let him off the leash,” I say, grabbing a ball and Frisbee.

Buddy starts running and Courtney is being dragged behind him. “I wore the wrong clothes for this,” she announces loudly, looking back at me and laughing.

I follow them and once Courtney lets him off the leash he starts running around in circles. Other dogs pass by and he starts playing with them, regardless if they want to or not.

“Buddy,” I say and hold up the ball. His ears perk up and I move my hand around and see he’s watching. I throw the ball as hard as I can and he picks it up and takes it straight to Courtney.

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