“Move in with me,” I mutter.

“What?” She turns her head.

I press a kiss under her ear and whisper, “Move in with me.”

She narrows her eyes, arching one brow. “We already live together. What are you talking about?”

“Well, yes, but technically, we live together as roommates.”

The corner of her lips tilt up slightly. “What’s the difference?”

“It’s not really ours, you know? You moved into a bedroom as my roommate and once we got together, we started sharing a bed, but I think it’s time we officially move in together. One bedroom,” I explain, hoping she gets what I’m saying. She still looks confused, so I continue, “I want you to feel safe, sweetheart. I want to make new memories with you in a home that’s just ours. I want us to move to the next step, building a stronger relationship between us because I know we’re indestructible. I think we should move into a new home. One that we pick out together and share a bed and make us a home.”

“So…you’re kicking me out as your roommate?” she asks with a teasing grin.

“Yes, matter of fact, I am. You’re being evicted.” I bring my mouth down to hers and press a soft kiss against her lips. “Since you’re homeless now, would you do me the honor of moving in with me into a new place?”

She sucks in her lower lip, pretending to think about it. I raise a brow, pretending to anticipate her response. “Well?”

Finally, she smiles wide and nods her head. “I guess since I have nowhere else to go, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

The biggest grin stretches across my face as I pick her up in my arms and swing her around. I place her back down on her feet and cup her face in my hands. “I love you. Thank you for not leaving. I promise I will never keep anything from you ever again, no matter what.”

She leans up and presses her lips to mine. “I love you, too. And you better not, Deputy.”

Smiling against her mouth, I raise up my hand and hold up two fingers. “Scout’s honor.”


I hate the way I allowed my emotions to get the best of me. The visual of her walking toward the bed—the bed I had been in, the bed Drew was in—was just too much. I couldn’t process it, but I also knew I couldn’t fault Drew for something he had no control of, even if he wasn’t upfront about it. I can understand his reasoning behind not telling me at first, but I was hurt he kept it from me the entire time.

Drew’s right, however, I won’t let her get between us, even if she’s making it really fucking hard. She’s persistent—I’ll give her that—but I won’t let her break us up. Drew means way too much to me to let someone like her ruin what we have.

Once I calmed down and listened to Drew’s words, I finally realized what he’s asked me and what it all really means. He’s right; we’ve been living together as roommates, not really a couple who moved in together. Now that we’re moving in that direction, I can’t stop the flood of emotions that overwhelm me.

We walk out of my bedroom, hand in hand, and see the house is empty. Everyone must’ve left while we were in there, which is probably for the best. We could use some alone time right now.

Once we get to the living room, I see Jackson sitting on the couch. Well, I guess not everyone.

“You’re still here?” I ask, startling him.

“Christ, Court,” he yells, turning around to face me.

“Sorry.” I look around him and see what he’s been watching on TV. “Didn’t realize you’d be so sucked into Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” I smirk.

He rolls his eyes at me while Drew shoots him a disapproving look. “Dude, you’re into those fake reality shows, too? What is with you Bishops?” he teases.

“I have no idea what a Kardash—whatever is. Turned the TV on and couldn’t figure out how to change the damn channel. Y’all got some special kind of cable up here.”

We both walk around the couch and Drew takes a seat on the chair as I grab the remote from the coffee table and see it was left on a recording from when I was watching it earlier.

“It’s called a DVR, genius.” I snort. “Just exit to the TV and flip through the guide like this.”

“Well, I don’t care now anyway. I was just trying to do something while waiting for you two. Everything okay now?” He looks over at Drew, and I can tell he’s waiting to hear if he needs to get all big brother on him.

“Yes. All good.” I smile. “I’ll set you up in my room for the night. Drew can grab your bags,” I offer, but before Drew can get up, Jackson interrupts me.

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