“Yes! Let’s call Kathy right now,” Courtney says and I lean over, brush my hand against her cheek and kiss her. Our lips form into smiles and though we’re in a noisy airport, the only person I can pay any attention to is Courtney.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and call the real estate agent and officially give her our offer to write up. She was very excited for us and was confident our offer would be accepted. Courtney’s watching me, sitting on the edge of her seat as I talk about the house. I whisper I love you to her and she whispers it back.

As soon as I end the call, she speaks. “What did she say? Tell me everything!” She’s anxious and excited, and I love seeing her this way.

“She’s going to submit our offer before lunch,” I say and Courtney wraps her arms around my neck and laughs. “She said we should hear something by Monday at the latest.”

“I’m seriously crossing my fingers and toes right now.”

“I am too, sweetheart.” I place my hand on her knee and she turns and gives me a big smile. She has messy travel hair and I just want to pull her onto my lap, but I know it would go too far and there are children around.

“Oh my God! I’m so nervous now!” she squeals, bouncing her leg.

We both sit and smile, thinking about the house, and it’s so easy for me to imagine us living there, cooking together, and watching Buddy play in the backyard.

“Kind of off subject, but I can’t wait for Benita to see the gifts we got for the twins. She’s having twins, who would’ve thought?” she teases, knowing damn well twins run in her family, considering she has twin brothers.

I chuckle and she leans her head against my shoulder. I lean over and place a kiss on her forehead. She smells like strawberries and coffee.

Soon we’re boarding and the wings of the plane are cutting through the clouds. I turn and look at Court and she’s sound asleep, and I can’t help but think how peaceful she looks. I’ve watched her do double takes in dark areas as we walk Buddy, check windows and doors, and though she doesn’t say much about it, I know what she’s doing. I can’t wait for us to finally move into a place of our own and start fresh.

Once the wheels touch down in San Antonio, Courtney wakes up and fixes her hair back into a messy bun. We grab our bags and pick up the rental car since we’re stopping in Fredericksburg before making our way to Eldorado. The ranch is hours from the airport, and I want to experience Texas Hill Country with Courtney. According to her, the wine and peaches are to die for and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since we booked our flights. We exchange a soft kiss before we hop in the car and drive outside the city.

Texas is beautiful with its rolling hills and rock cut roads that are the color of beach sand. We didn’t go this route last time, so I imagined it would be long stretches of nothing, but I’m shocked at the bright yellow and purple flowers that line the highway. As Courtney stares out the window, I can see her smile reflecting off the glass.

“One day we should plan a trip to tube the Guadalupe River. The water is like ice and everyone drinks until they’re stupid,” Courtney says, laughing as if she’s recalling a memory.

“Deal,” I tell her and she makes me promise we’ll do it, which I happily do.

Soon we’re pulling off the highway and traveling down a narrow country road with no shoulder. The excitement on Courtney’s face is contagious as we enter Fredericksburg. The town is small and quaint with shops lining both sides of the street.

“Ooh, stop here,” Courtney tells me, pointing her finger to the right, and I pull over. Once parked, we head out in the heart of historic Main Street. She doesn’t wait a second before she grabs my hand and pulls me into the tasting room. The reflective ceiling tiles shine above us as we walk to the bar where our wine pourer introduces herself. She begins giving us samples of Riesling, cabernets, and informs us of the different kind of wines they make just a few miles down the road at the winery. If I close my eyes, it almost feels like I’m in Napa Valley, and I make Courtney promise that we’ll go experience the wine there, too. She agrees with a big, approving smile.

After a few glasses, a stone baked pizza, and enough grape facts to last us a lifetime, we’re laughing and having the absolute best time. Courtney leans over and kisses me, and I can taste the sweet red wine on her lips.

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