“Damn,” I say, walking up the steps to the modest house with peeling paint and worn boards.

“What?” She smiles.

“My ass, seriously.” I rub my tailbone.

“Why do you think cowboys walk a certain way? It’s because their asses are numb from riding all day.”

After tying Shadow to a post outside of the house, she grabs a key from behind a loose board and opens the door. I follow behind her and feel like I walked into a time machine. The decor is old western and the table and chairs in the dining room look like they were hand carved.

“Whose house is this?” I ask, looking at the horse pictures on the wall.

“It was an old ranch hand house that hasn’t been used for decades,” Courtney explains.

I can’t help but notice how untouched and clean it is, almost like it’s an authentic western movie set. When I look at her, she’s standing against the door with a devious sparkle in her eyes. She doesn’t have to say a word before I’m launching at her, our bodies pressed against one another, scrambling for relief.

Our kisses are rough and full of fervor, and I don’t think I can wait a minute longer to have her.

“We have to hurry. If we’re gone too long, they’ll get suspicious and come looking for us,” she says as she pulls her shirt over her head and unsnaps her bra. Her nipples are so damn hard. I lean down and twirl my tongue along her peaks. I suck and nibble until her head falls back on her shoulders with a sigh. When I pull away, she unbuttons her jeans as I remove my shirt.

“You’re so greedy.” I kiss her shoulder and nip her skin between my teeth.

“Fuck me, Deputy,” she demands and tugs at my hair. I love it when she gets rough and demanding like she is right now. I need to be inside her. I need to feel her. We take steps backward, our mouths ravenous for one another, and only stop when Courtney’s ass slams against the wooden table. Her back presses against the coolness of the wood and she sighs.

I kick my pants down and she instinctively wraps her legs around my waist. My fingers dig into her ass cheeks as I fill her with my length. We’re wild with desire and I can’t stop watching her as she begs for more of me. Her soft whimpers mixed with our moans drive me to the edge of our reality as I thumb her clit. Sinking against me, I give her everything I am until her body tenses and begs for relief. Dropping to my knees, I pull her toward me until her legs are resting on my shoulders and I taste her arousal. Before she finds her release, I kiss her inner thighs, slowing down the pace, making sure to tease her even more. Returning to her clit, I swirl my tongue until her body tenses and she loses herself in my mouth. I’m greedy as I taste her, wanting more, never able to have enough. She lifts her body up on her elbows and looks at me with a raised eyebrow and it’s all the permission I need to fuck her. I don’t know how much longer I can last because she feels so damn good. It doesn’t take long until I begin to unravel. As the orgasm rushes over me, she wraps her legs tighter around me and I bend down to kiss her. We’re breathing heavily with hearts rapidly beating, and all I want to do is lie naked with her for the rest of the day, but I know that’s not an option.

We stand, our naked bodies pressed against one another and I wrap my arms around her as she leans her head against my chest. Her hair and body smells like flowers and summer. We did what we set out to accomplish—made new memories.

“We have to get going,” she whispers, but doesn’t move. After another minute passes, she forces herself away and starts getting dressed but doesn’t take her eyes from me.

“Hurry, I think I heard something.”

My heart starts racing and as soon as I button my pants, the door swings open and Evan steps inside. He has mud up to his ankles and dirt on his face, but even I can tell he’s unamused because guilt is written all over our faces and bodies. Evan eyes me, then looks over at Courtney, who’s smiling like she doesn’t give a shit, because in reality, I know she doesn’t.

“What are you doing, little sis?”

She runs her fingers through her messy hair and pulls it back into a tight ponytail. “Just getting ready to ride out into the sunset, what about you? Shouldn’t you be at the hospital?”

“No, smartass, not today, which is why I’m covered in mud to my chin.”

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