“My woman, my dog, and my new house. What else could a guy need?” Drew’s smiling and I take the opportunity to press my lips to his. He wraps his other hand around me and pulls me on top of him until my legs are straddling his body. Buddy rubs his nose against me, but I ignore it. Drew’s hands are all over me and nothing can take me away from this man.

Just as his fingers unclasp my bra, Buddy lets out a loud bark, jerking us apart.

“Buddy!” Drew shouts, but it does nothing to stop him. I start laughing because I know exactly why he’s barking.

“He’s jealous!”

“Of what?”

“He’s protective of me,” I try to explain. “Dogs are territorial and once they claim their owner, they don’t want to share them with anyone. Buddy’s used to sleeping alone with me most nights.”

He sighs, flashing evil looks at Buddy. I laugh at his attempt to look mad, because you can’t look at Buddy and be mad.

“Well, I guess that should give me relief then. I’ll know that if any other guy is here while I’m away, I can count on Buddy to show him his place.” He cracks a hardened smile.

“Oh, I just lock him up when my other boyfriend comes over.” I smile wide just to get under his skin; however, he takes it to the next level and begins tickling under my arms. “Stop! Oh my God! Drew!”

“That’s what you get,” he growls, making me fall to the floor. He follows and soon is on top of me, torture tickling me. He’s pinned my legs down so I can’t even try and run away.

“Buddy, help!” I call out through tears of laughter. “Dammit, Drew, I hate you!”

He grabs my wrists and pulls them above my head. “You love me.” His lips rise. I roll my eyes and rock my hips against his crotch.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he warns, pressing his groin into me. I can feel his cock pushing against the fabric of his shorts. “Unless you plan on doing something about it.” He arches a brow and before I can respond, Buddy starts barking wildly.

“Um…” I hear Kayla’s voice behind Drew. “Am I interrupting something?”

Drew shuffles off me and helps me up. “No. We were just packing,” I say.

“On the floor?” Her brows rise in speculation.

I clear my throat and straighten my shirt. “Shut up.”

She cracks up laughing as she kneels and pets Buddy. “I came to join the packing party, but I didn’t realize it was going to be one of those kinds of parties.”

“C’mon, smartass. You can help me in my room.” I reach for her hand and she takes it. “And then we’re talking about that hickey on your neck.”



“So, what’s with Kayla’s obsession with Christmas?” I ask Courtney as she throws me the ugly sweater I’m supposed to wear tonight. “Every time you two talk on the phone, she’s watching a Christmas movie or about to pick one out.”

She puts her sweater on and adjusts it over her body. For being an ugly sweater, it actually looks really good on her.

She shrugs. “I’m not really sure, to be honest. It’s something to do with her childhood, I think. She never really says much about it, but I know it was a special time of year for her when she was growing up.”

“Isn’t Christmas a special time for all kids?” I pull the sweater over my head and let it fall down my body. Although we’re wearing matching sweaters, it doesn’t look half as good on me as it does on Courtney.

“Yeah, but I think it’s something sentimental. I don’t know. I never press her on it because, although she’s super chatty, she’s pretty closed when it comes to talking about the past. She just says she doesn’t want to talk about it, so I never pushed her on the subject.”

She meets me in front of the mirror and smiles when she sees us paired up next to each other. “We look so cute! What do you think?”

“I’m a guy. I don’t want to look cute, but you look fucking adorable.” I wrap my arm around her and pull her closer. “The guys are going to give me so much shit for this.”

She pouts, pushing her lower lip out and giving me puppy dog eyes. “But I want you to love it.”

“I love you. That’s the only reason I’m wearing this thing.”

She shrugs. “Fine. I guess that’s good enough.”

I bend down and swat her on the ass and she yelps with a laugh. “Let’s go before all the good booze is taken.”

“Oh, I told Jayden he could carpool with us since he doesn’t know where she lives.”

“Jayden? The guy you made birthday muffins for?” My expression hardens as I flash her an unapproved look.

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