“Are you okay to talk?” I whisper and she nods slowly.

The officer begins to jot down Courtney’s story and all I can do is stare and listen as all the pieces begin to fall into place. She’s talking slower than usual, but she’s very clear with what happened. Mia and Jayden had been working together this entire time. From Jayden applying to King Marketing to Mia stalking us in Vegas to the video she mailed me for my birthday and showing up at the house to now this. She got Jayden to give her insider information and used it against us. I have a feeling this is no longer about getting me back, but something far beyond that.

“I’m pretty sure he put something in my drink because within the hour, I felt horrible,” she says. “Not drowsy like I did in Vegas, but like sick and dizzy.” She blinks a few times. “He did get me a couple drinks from the bar. He could’ve easily slipped something in there before he brought it back.”

The officer continues writing notes and then she points her pen to Courtney’s shirt, where the top few buttons had been ripped from their threads. “Did they do anything to you? Did they hurt you?”

Just the thought sends me into a blind rage, but I wait with a bated breath as she answers her.

“No. Just a lot of threats. Mia had a pair of scissors and was getting ready to cut my hair to my scalp. She went on and on about how I was the reason Drew left her, and if I were bald and ugly, he wouldn’t love me anymore. Then she kept mumbling about how she was getting her revenge and Jayden just stood there mesmerized by every word she spoke.”

Anger rushes over me as Courtney’s expression goes blank. She bends over as if she’s going to be sick. I drop to my knees and tilt her chin up until our eyes meet. “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital? We can go and get you checked out.”

“No, I just need some water,” she insists. I stand up and check the mini fridge. I pull a bottle from the fridge and walk back over to hand it to her. She drinks it as if she hasn’t had water for days and forces a smile, but I know better.

“I think we have everything we need, Officer Fisher. Detective Knight called the LVPD and the judge issued a warrant on Jayden Rooks before they called us and filled us in on the restraining orders and warrants against Mia Montgomery. We already had officers on the way, but still lucky you showed up when you did. No telling what they would have done to her.” The officer’s eyes are sad. “I’ve seen way too many incidents like this end up with a not-so-happy ending. Now that we’ve been informed about Ms. Montgomery, we’ll be on the lookout for her as well.”

When I look down at Court, I let out a breath of relief because she’s okay, but I can tell she’s ready to get out of here.

“My stuff…” Courtney points to her computer bag and that’s when I see her phone is powered off, sitting on the desk in the room. I grab it for her and throw it over my shoulder.

An officer takes pictures of the ropes, chair, and scissors while the rest of them leave. They sent a handful of people and I’ll be forever grateful to the SFPD and Logan. Fuck, so many horrible things could’ve happened.

“Can we go now?” Courtney asks and tries to stand and I give her a nod and wrap my arm around her to steady her. We move slowly past the officers, down the hallway and onto the elevator. As soon as we walk outside, she shields her eyes from the sun but doesn’t say much as I open the door to the unmarked car and place her inside. Cop cars line the valet parking and once I get in, Courtney lets out an angry groan. She’s at a level of pissed off I haven’t seen in a long time.

I place my hand on her leg. “Sweetheart.”

“Mia and Jayden know each other,” she forces out. “I told him so fucking much. I basically served myself on a platter for him and Mia.”

“I know, and there’s a lot more I need to tell you.”


“What the fuck!” I say, pissed beyond belief. I feel like I need to throw up and my head is pounding but other than that, I’m okay. I’m not unconscious and Drew saved my life. I have no doubt in my mind they would’ve hurt me and gone too far. It wouldn’t have happened without a fight—I would’ve found a way to push back—but I’ve watched enough True Crime shows to know the possible outcomes.

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