“Honestly, it was the only way I survived those two years. Although…” She points a finger at me. “Yours is off a lot.”

I blink angelically at her. “Like you said, the location software doesn’t always work. That’s why we’re trying this new software out.”

Truth be told, I went home a lot. Levi would be having practice and I… Classes were stupid easy for me, so I skipped out, drove back home and made sure Olivia was okay. Then I’d drive back here and give Levi a detailed report.

Olivia narrows her eyes. “There’s another reason, because I know you can fix that problem on your phone, but I’ll weasel it out of you later. I have my ways.” She runs a finger across the top of her exposed tits.

Levi chokes on his water. I stare up at the sky until my sudden hard-on subsides.

“We have four more days, babe,” Levi pleads. “Don’t test us like this.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” our girl replies, squeezing her arms tight to her sides and leaning over the table. Her boobs nearly fall out of her shirt.

Levi whips off his shirt and throws it at her. “Put this on.”

There’s a sudden crescendo of sound in the café followed by some light applauding. Olivia straightens with a scowl and tosses the shirt back into Levi’s face.

“Stop exposing your abs to everyone,” she orders. “Those abs are my property. No one should be able to look at them except for me. Sorry, Erika,” she says to her roommate. “You have to get your own man.”

“No, I understand.” Erika waves her hand in the air as Levi tugs his T-shirt back on.

“You know, I think Erika would do well in a poly. Do you know of any other guys?”

“If you keep your boobs inside your top, I’ll keep my eyes open,” I say.

“You do that.” Olivia gets to her feet. “Come on, Erika. Let’s go shopping. I’m missing a very important box of stuff, and since I can’t find it, I might as well get some replacements.”

Erika grabs her purse and the two head out before Levi and I can collect our few wits. He grabs my shoulder and points a long finger between my eyes. “You better stop her. If she brings home one piece of lace, I will be an only child after today.”



Erika throws a whole bunch of cold water on my plans. “We can’t go shopping. You have orientation.”

“Oh, that’s right.” I look down at my barely clad body and have a moment of unease. It’s one thing to go around dressed like this to provoke the boys, but it’s a whole other thing to parade my tits and ass in front of the entire first year class. “Maybe I should—”

The rest of my sentence gives way to a small scream as my feet leave the ground. My flip-flops fly off my feet, my shirt rides up and my face ends somewhere in the vicinity of Levi’s firm ass. From my upside-down viewpoint, I see Zeke picking up my sandals and sliding them onto my feet. I curl my toes around the center thong to keep them from falling off again.

I don’t get too upset by this caveman behavior as it places me in the perfect position to squeeze Levi’s butt. I get only one small squeeze in before Levi hoists me up with a loud grunt. Somewhere behind Levi, Erika laughs. I was serious when I suggested the boys find Erika her own men, but maybe she should start with one. I’m not sure how she’d do with two. For now, though, I have my own men to corral.

“Don’t you have practice?” I ask, feigning annoyance.

Zeke slaps me lightly across the ass. “I’ve got time for this.”

I don’t know how they manage it, but they get me across campus and back into my dorm room in record time even with few cat calls and whispers along the way that nearly got a couple guys body slammed. Luckily for them, they saw who was carrying me and sprinted away in terror before the twins could react.

When we finally reach my room, Levi tosses me on the bed gently. Erika mumbles that she’ll wait outside as Zeke closes the door behind us, sealing us the three of us inside.

“Don’t move.” Levi points at me when I start to get up from the bed. His nose flares and I can tell he’s on edge. This shouldn’t excite me as much as it does. Their intense expressions don’t help the tingle that shoots straight through my body.

The next thing I know both Levi and Zeke are rummaging through my closet. “What exactly do you two think you’re doing?” I ask, because this is getting out of hand. They both turn around and glare as if I’ve just asked them the dumbest question.

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