It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but for Livvie, all the torture is worth it. I tap her on the shoulder.

“Let’s go.” I jerk my head toward the writhing mass of bodies about ten feet away.

Her face lights up. “Really?”

“Yup.” I drop a hand around her waist, hooking a finger through a belt loop. Heat breaks along my skin at that minor contact. I take the opportunity to shake an ice cube in my mouth.

She claps her hands together in excitement. “Yay.” She takes a couple steps and then twists around. “If you change your mind, come and join us,” she says to her roommate.

The roommate nods, but you can tell by the whiteness around her mouth that she’d rather drink snake juice than step foot onto the dance floor. Meanwhile, Livvie sways all the way into the belly of the beast, so to speak. I crunch down hard on the ice and it melts away, not relieving any of my tension.

She stops halfway and turns to face me, lifting her arms to rest her fingers on my shoulders. I drop a hand to her waist and use the other arm to create a small pocket of space. Over her head, I send a few warning glares to nearby dancers to stay the fuck away. It works because we get a little breathing room. I shift backward. The bass is thumping hard enough I can feel it in the soles of my feet. Livvie is feeling it, too. She closes her eyes and curls her fingers around my neck. Her hips start to move in ways that I didn’t know she could move them.

I grind the back of my teeth as I imagine her on top of me, doing those very moves. My imagination shifts into overdrive as a vision of her straddling me wearing nothing but one of those lacy bras pops into my head.

This is not good. Not good at all.

The ache in my groin intensifies. I desperately want to press my thick cock against her pussy. Even though we’re both wearing jeans, just being close to her hot snatch would feel good. My fingers itch to drop to her ass and pull her tight against me. Her soft tits press against my chest. What I wouldn’t give to palm those beauties. If we were alone, if she were older, I’d drop to my knees, rip that T-shirt in two and suck on her sweet tits until she was coming all over my brother’s cock.

Then we’d switch and it’d be my shaft dicking her into the mattress while Zeke would be feeding his thick length into her mouth. We’d fill her up with our bodies, our come, our love.

Her hand drags my neck down low enough for her mouth to reach my ear.

“I’m so hot right now,” she whisper-shouts.

You and me both, baby, I groan silently.

“I got this water,” I suggest. The ice has disappeared almost completely—melted by my hand, her heat, my fantasies.

“No, baby, I’m hot here.” She slides a leg on either side of my right thigh and starts pulsing against me. She feels…wet. There’s a damp spot on my thigh and it’s growing larger with each pass. My fingers dig into her waist.

“And I ache so bad. It hurts, Levi.” She lets out a whimper. “It hurts.”

She’s in pain. Fuck me. I can’t have my baby in pain. My blood thunders in my ears, pushing out all the rational thoughts, all the promises, all the good intentions. The only thing I hear is it hurts. I need to help her. I swing her around, keeping my thigh underneath her hot pussy. I can stop her from hurting. I know I can. I need to get into her jeans. I need to touch her cunt. I need to jack my fingers into her juicy sex until all her pain is replaced with pure bliss.

I need—

“We should go.”

I glance up to see my brother standing behind Livvie. He’s giving me a hard, judgmental look.

“She’s in pain, bro.”

“We promised,” he replies. He lifts Livvie off of me.

“Wait. Stop,” she cries. “I was just—”

“I know what you were just about to do,” Zeke states flatly. “But we promised your mom. No touching like this until you’re eighteen.”

He carries her out of the crowd, jerking his head toward the roommate. “We’re taking Olivia home. You can either come with us or we’ll find someone to walk you home.”

“Um, is that what you want to do, Olivia?”

Livvie sighs from her perch in Zeke’s arms. “Yes. I didn’t realize what I was doing out there. I guess the music got to me.”

Once outside, I place my hands on my thighs, bend over and blow out a deep breath.

“You okay?” Zeke puts a comforting hand between my shoulder blades.

“Yeah, I’m good.” But no one really believes me.