My body aches for them and the absence is causing that ache to intensify by the second. There’s no winning at this point. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s only a matter of time. They’re hurting just as much as I am. The minutes are longer than ever at this point, which is why I’ve stayed away, but it won’t be for much longer. Tonight is my birthday and then, all bets are off.

“So I know we are avoiding your men, but if I know things, do I tell you?” My head jerks away from the clock, which I swear hasn’t moved, to look at Erika. Her tone puts me on edge.

“Oh god. Did they find out? Are they in jail?” I sit up. Panic starts to take hold of my body.

“No, they aren’t in jail.” She looks away from me and makes it sound as though they are somewhere worse than jail.

“Erika!” I yell. “Tell me.”

She releases her lip from between her teeth. “They were seen going into Hope’s room over at the Alpha Gamma sorority house.” She can’t get the words out quick enough.

“Really?” I stare at her. She nods.

“Yeah, I mean—”

I jump up, cutting her off. “This is our chance! Get your shoes,” I tell her, running over to slide mine on. I have to hurry or we will miss this golden opportunity. I almost fall over as I try to get the sneakers on without taking the time to untie them.

“Are we going over there to confront them?” She hops up from the bed and puts her hands on her hips. She no longer looks half-sick like she did a moment ago. She looks pissed and ready for battle. It’s the same expression she wore when she took down Surfer Boy hours ago. The look that indicates she’s at the last of her patience and if you step in her path she’s going to destroy you. I like this look on Erika. It’s nice to know she has this feisty side.

“No, I don’t want to see that bitch. She’s on my shit list.” I look through my clothes and find a black shirt to pull over my baby tee. It’s still light outside, but I feel like we need to be in black for our mission.

“List?” Erika’s eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. “You have a list?” she asks. “Who is on this list.”

“You need a black shirt,” I tell her. I point towards her clothes. “We’ll talk about the list later. We only have so much time,” I quickly add.

She looks at me as though I’ve grown a second head.

“We can get my clothes back!” I shout. “They’re not home! This is our chance!” They’d promised they would give them back to me, but they haven’t returned one single piece yet. They probably believe I’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. I need those clothes to seduce them if things don’t go as I plan tonight.

Erika’s mouth parts, but no sound comes out for a moment.

“But your boyfriends are over in Hope’s room,” she repeats.

I wave my hand at her dismissively. It’s starting to look like Bitchface did me a favor. She has created an opportunity for me to get my shit back. This doesn’t get her off the list though. I have a feeling that she’ll be on there forever. She’s earned the number one spot and I can’t see anyone taking her place in the near future.

“Like I said, she’s on the list. I don’t give a flip what they say to her.” I don’t. The Audley twins’ wrath is one you never want coming your way. If they went looking for her, that means they know what she said to me. That’s the only reason my men would be in a sorority house. If I were pledging a house they might enter one, but I doubt that would ever happen. They would probably come and get me as soon as I tried to join or do something crazy like make a big donation so that the sorority wouldn’t let me join.

They’re already don’t want me in the dorm where they have fairly easy access. In a house where there are all those girls and all those rules? I can just imagine the twins camped outside on the front lawn. They would be harassing every person that tried to come in. I have to fight a smile thinking about it. They’re so over the top, but they’re mine.

“We have to leave!” I tell Erika. We are wasting too much time standing around. I reach to get my things together. I make sure to leave my purse and phone in the room just in case the twins check my location. Erika follows behind me. She’s still looking at me like I’m half crazed.

“We need a name for our mission,” I tell Erika as I pick up the pace.