I have so many ideas of what I want to do to them and what I want them to do to me. I pause in the middle of unpacking my boxes. What part of their body do I want to touch first? They both have gorgeous muscles. Zeke might be a fraction less built than Levi, but not by much based on all my intense inspections this summer at the Gradys’ pool back home. Maybe I’d run my hands down their chests first—one palm on each man’s abs, then I’d dip lower until my fingers could palm their shafts. I lick my lips. I wonder how they’ll taste? Salty? Warm? Definitely, delicious. My body buzzes with need. It’s going to be so awesome.

I blow out a big sigh. Shoot. I need to stop thinking about that drive or I’m never going to finish. I refocus on the task of putting my things away but can’t stop smiling when I think of how Zeke was on edge the entire drive here. His eyes lingered on my legs and he kept glancing over to watch my lips move. The obvious hunger made me feel hot and tight in all the right places. My sex begins to throb and I clench my muscles. The ache between my legs has been present for a long time, but it’s worsening now because I can sense their control breaking down.

I know that they made a promise to my mom, but something inside me wants to tempt them—see how far I can take things. They haven’t even kissed me yet! What kind of crap is that? I kick one of my empty boxes in frustration, sending it flying across the room. It slams against the door right as it opens.

A girl about my age stands there with a shocked look on her face. She says nothing as she pushes up the thick black glasses that sit on the tip of her button nose. The glasses look too big for her small pixie face.

“Sorry,” I say. I have a feeling this is my new roommate and I almost assaulted her with a box. “I swear I don’t have anger issues.” I hold my hands up. “Just normal boy issues.”

Her lips quirk into a small smile. “Was it the Audley twins? They always get the girls angry.”

She steps into the room and shuts the door behind her, but not before I catch a glimpse of the herd of girls peeking in. I come from a small town and I get being nosy and all, but it’s getting weird that they are all gawking at my dorm room.

“I swear we don’t normally fight, we are just having a disagreement of sorts.” I retrieve the empty box and stack it with the others. Once I’m done unpacking, I’ll break all the cardboard down to put in the recycling bin outside the dorm.

I wonder if the boys missed a box, though, because I haven’t seen some of the new clothes I bought last weekend. I want that box. It’s full of what I am now calling my “seduction outfits.” Every single piece is designed to break down the will of stubborn men. Maybe it’s still in Zeke’s truck.

“It’s not often they make me mad, but I’m guessing having a spat with your boyfriends from time to time is normal, right?”

There’s a squeak behind me. I spin around to see my roommate staring at me like the other girls out in the hallway were.

“Oh sorry! I’m Olivia.” I rush over and stick out my hand, realizing I hadn’t even introduced myself. “That was rude of me. First, I kick a box at you and then I don’t even tell you who I am.” I shake my head, letting out a small laugh. She continues to look at me like I’m crazy.

“Why are you looking at me like the rest of those girls? Am I doing something wrong?” I blurt out. I tend to speak before thinking. Levi and Zeke think it’s adorable, but it’s a bad habit because I end up with my foot in my mouth most of the time.

“Did you just say the Audley twins are your boyfriends?”

I nod.

“As in both of them?” She gives me a skeptical look.

“Yeah, they have been since I was fifteen and my mom and I moved in next door to them. They pretty much planted a flag in our front yard declaring that I belonged to them so everyone in town knew.” I laugh, thinking back at how worried I’d been moving to a new town. My worry didn’t last long because Levi and Zeke made sure I felt welcomed. They took me to school, walked me to each class, sat with me at lunch, and then took me home. It was a whole week before I found out that they were skipping study hall to eat lunch with me. Juniors and freshmen didn’t have the same lunch schedule. Their attentiveness didn’t end during the school week either. Zeke took me to the football games and Levi took me out for walks in the park on Saturdays. On Sundays, we’d hang out with my mom, cooking dinner, watching television, or playing video games. I love our little town. Maybe after we’re all done with college, we’ll move back.

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