“Give it to us. Let him taste what we do to you,” Zeke commands. My eyes fly to him. It’s then I see his hand is inside his pants and he’s jacking himself off as he watches what Levi does to me. It’s all too much. I come hard, screaming out their name.

“Audley!” I release my hold on them as the sweetest pleasure I’ve ever felt shoots through my body. My eyes fall closed. I enjoy the aftermath of what they did to me. I’ll never move again. I’ll never be able to leave this place. I’ll never be able to be without them.

It almost feels likes I’m floating. My eyes flutter open to see that I’m not floating. Levi is carrying me down the long hallway. Zeke is standing in the doorway to our room. He pushes open the door and we walk into our room, taking me all the way home.



I watch with glittering eyes as Levi lays Olivia down on the smooth cotton sheets. She looks like a goddess. I have an urge to kneel between her legs and worship her properly, but the need to be inside her, to drive my cock into that sweet hot channel makes my head swim.

“Take her,” Levi utters. “Take her cherry. Put that Audley dick inside her cunt and make her ours.”

A wicked smile spreads across Olivia’s cherry-red lips. She scissors her legs against the sheets and then drops a hand to her sex. “Yeah, take me. I’ve waited so long.”

I lean over the bed, grab a delicate ankle in each hand and yank her to the end. She yelps in surprise.

“You don’t know what waiting is, baby. Waiting is having my dick turn to stone because my underage girlfriend is prancing on the running track in a tiny cheerleading skirt while my brother is on the field murdering the quarterback. Waiting is driving you to school in the late summer days when you wore shorts and your golden thighs were on full display. Waiting is having to endure your smoking-hot body in a swimming suit during the summer and never once being able to peel that wet fabric aside and tongue your cunt until you’re screaming for mercy.” I palm my rock-hard shaft and give it a painful squeeze. “Waiting is attending these stupid-ass classes with more money in the bank than these professors will ever sniff at while you’re two hundred miles away finishing high school. Waiting is hell.”

Olivia gets to her knees and fists my shirt in her hands. Startled, I freeze in place.

“I know. Just because I don’t have a dick doesn’t mean I escaped having blue clit or blue ovaries or whatever it is. I had to double up on my safety shorts during games because I was constantly wet from watching that jerk tear it up on the field or you looking hot as hell in the stands. On Mondays, I’d have to endure the endless accounts from the other girls about how great sex with their boyfriends was over the weekend. On Wednesdays, you’d lift weights after school and come home sweaty and buff. I’d hide in my bedroom and touch myself, but it was never satisfying. Never!” By now, Olivia’s in my face, yelling her last words.

Next to me, Levi starts laughing. We both turn to him with a furious stare.

“What the fuck, bro?”

“Are you laughing?” Olivia yells.

“You two need to fuck. Hell, we all need to fuck. We’re uptight because we’ve all waited a long time, but there’s no need to wait. Olivia’s eighteen. She had her first orgasm and it tasted great.” He licks his lips. “Now, it’s time to take her cherry and show her what belonging to the Audley twins really means.”

Olivia settles back, her butt lowering to her heels. “Yeah, enough talking. Let’s go. Take those pants off.” She points a hand at my crotch. “I want to see your dick, and you—” She swings her index finger to Levi. “I want to see what you taste like.”

Levi’s faster than me. He’s always been the athletic one. His clothes are off in about zero point two seconds and his dick is in Olivia’s face before she can take her next breath. I start to undress but get distracted when the ruddy head of Levi’s broad dick parts Olivia’s mouth. He digs a hand into her hair to prevent her from swallowing too much and feeds his big shaft into her mouth, inch by slow, maddening inch.

My own mouth grows dry.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” he growls. “It’s big and your mouth is small, just like your pussy is small, but you’ll get used to it. Big bro’s going to stretch that pussy and it’s going to feel real good. So good that you’ll feel empty without one of our dicks inside you. But don’t you worry, baby girl, there’s always going to be dick for you. You’re never going to go hungry. Take a little more. Open up for me.” He strokes her cheek and then her neck. “There you go. It’s hard, isn’t it? But good. How wet is she, bro?”

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