“You talked about getting Erika some boyfriends like you have.” He smiles down at me. “Tank is big enough to make up two.”

I snort, because while that is true, I don’t see my men as “boyfriends”. When I moved in next to them, they were indeed boys by law, but they didn’t look it then either. Calling them boys in any form is laughable. They have always been physically mature beyond their years. Their bodies were sinful to watch growing up and I’d done my share of watching.

“Okay,” I concede, wriggling in Levi’s hold. I’m not trying to get out of his hold, I want to be wrapped around him and not cradled in his arms. He tightens his hold on me for a second before he realizes I’m not trying to get free. He allows me to shift myself to wrap around him the best I can. I bury my face in his neck as we head for home. The smell of his skin is comforting and it relaxes me.

If he says Erika is fine with Tank, I’ll just text her later and make sure. Levi wouldn’t lie to me. “What are you going to do now that you have me all to yourself?” This time when I wriggle I do it to get friction where I need it most. He flexes his hand on my ass, tightening his grip there.

“Try not to ruin that beautiful shirt you made.” His face is so serious, so I stop grinding against him and throw my head back and laugh. I have a feeling he is repeating that thought over and over in his head so that he doesn’t ruin my shirt.

“If you rip it off me I don’t think I’d mind.” I bite my lip when Levi almost trips over his own feet. He rights himself and takes off running. I grip onto him tighter and nestle my face in his neck. I only mean to breathe him, in but before I know what I’m doing I’m licking and sucking on him.

I moan his name when I try to move my hips. I hadn’t noticed, but I’ve been inadvertently rubbing myself on him to get friction against his stomach. He’s too big for me to wrap all the way around him. Kissing his neck and grinding on his cock at the same time is impossible, but I’ve managed to find the perfect friction. A girl has to use the hand she’s dealt.

I’m so close to coming, but Levi then pushes me closer to his body, pinning me to his front. I’m no longer able to move. His fingers dig into my ass so hard that I secretly hope they leave an impression. I don’t know where the thought comes from, but I’m soon trying to move against him in the hope that I’ll wake up tomorrow with tiny marks on my skin—indications of his barely restrained passion.

I pull my head back to look at him. I barely get his name out when his hand leaves my ass and covers my mouth. He presses my back against a wall, trapping me. He moves his other hand to steady us against the wall. He thrusts his hips forward, making sure I can’t move at all. He begins to dry hump me right there up against that wall.

It isn’t until I hear a familiar ding that I start to piece things together. My lazy eyes flick up to meet his. He looks pissed and like he’s about to fuck me into the wall.

“Olivia,” he warns. I try to lick my lips but forget his hand is over my mouth and end up licking his palm. He stares at me for a split second before his lips come down on mine.

His tongue pushes into my mouth. I feel him fumbling with the code box in the elevator. My mind is so wrapped up in him that I couldn’t even begin to help him right now even if I wanted to. I moan into his mouth and kiss him back as hard as he’s kissing me. I slide my hand up into his short hair, because my fingers are tingling with the need to touch him. I tug his head so he’s tight to my mouth.

Levi is a sweetheart in his core regardless of his gruff, hard exterior. In this moment I’m consumed by him. I’m overwhelmed by his need for me. The Levi currently attached to my face is the one I usually see on the field. He’s not necessarily looking to be super sweet right now. That thought sends a shiver down my spine. He has that look he gets when he’s letting out his aggression either on the field or in the gym. I’m broken out of my thoughts when I hear the front door slam behind us. I hadn’t even realized we were inside the condo already.

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