“You can’t let people think they can get away with shit like that,” Zeke adds. I know he’s right. They both did what had to be done, but I can’t help but worry that something could take them away from me. We’ve waited so long to be together. I’m not letting some fraternity boys mess up what we have. I hope Zeke and Levi gave them what they had coming. More importantly I hope they showed them how real men behave, especially in relation to women.

“Trust us. We didn’t want to leave you all alone naked in bed.” Levi sounds pained, as if recalling the moment. “Besides, we were only out buying you stuff.” Levi and Zeke share a smile and I’m not sure I want to know what they mean.

“Was it condoms?” See? I have jokes, too. Their smirks drop away instantly. Now I’m the one trying to fight a smile.

“What’s a condom?” Zeke asks. His hand slides up my stomach to pull on my free nipple. Levi is still playing with my other breast. His enormous hand makes my normally nice-sized boobs look small. Levi actually looks like he doesn’t know what a condom is, or maybe he can’t believe I asked the question. Zeke is giving as good as he gets. At least he thinks he is, because I only push my chest out more for them.

“It’s something you’ll never feel against your skin.” Zeke lets go of my nipple and he cradles my chin in his hand. He raises it until my eyes lock with his.

“We’ve waited a long time to have you. The days of something coming between us are long gone,” he tells me. My heart flutters. I know they wouldn’t let anything come between us again. I shouldn’t have even worried that they’d do something to jeopardize that. “That includes condoms, Livvie. We will always take all of you bare.” He slides his hand back down my body and pushes his thick finger into my pussy. “Here,” Zeke says. In the next second Levi releases my nipple and trails a finger up my breast, dipping it in my mouth for me to suck on it. He proceeds to skim it down my spine, causing me to shiver. He stops when he reaches my puckered hole and slips the wet fingertip in.

“Here. We will come in every inch of your body with nothing between us ever,” Levi growls. I moan as they each finger my holes.

I nod. “What about me coming between the two of you?” I lick my lips. I’ve been dying to be pressed in between the two of them while they’re both deep inside of me. All three of us connected at once. For some reason that feels more symbolic than a marriage.

“You think you’re ready for that?” Zeke asks, his voice deep, his control slipping. I can see it in his eyes.

“I’ve been ready for that longer that I should have been,” I breathe. That’s always the first thing I fantasize about when I touch myself. My mind and body have always known what it wants.

Levi lets out a groan so loud it rumbles through my body. I want to wriggle in their hold. I need to move, but I don’t know which way my hips should go. I need them to guide me. I know they will, but I’m getting impatient.

“Are you ready?” I challenge, leaning back into Levi and letting him take all my weight even though my legs are wrapped loosely around Zeke. I give him all the room he needs to play with me. “You wouldn’t let me touch you before you left.” I fake a pout and fix my eyes on Zeke first before turning my head a little so I can look up at Levi. “How could you not let me touch you? You know I need it. I ache without it.” I raise my hips.

Levi’s breathing grows heavier. He moves his finger when I thrust my hips up, making sure it stays inside of me. In fact, he adds a second finger and thrusts them in deeper. I whimper in response.

“We left her home aching for us.” Levi almost sounds a little panicked.

“But you’ll fix it,” Zeke responds. Levi nods in agreement. I glance back at Zeke, who is shaking his head at me.

“We’ll fix it all right, Livvie girl,” he agrees, then pulls me from Levi and tosses me onto the bed. Before I can move they’re both on me. I can tell by their heavy breathing they’re both as worked up as I am. Levi continues to kiss me as Zeke alternates between sucking and biting my nipples. It feels like his mouth is everywhere. They overwhelm me in the best way. My pussy throb with need for them.

“Stand up, Livvie,” Zeke’s demands. Both he and Levi get off the bed and pull me with them. I do as I’m told because I know whatever they want from me, my reward will be pleasure.

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