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I keep breathing him in, waiting for him to break our contact. I don’t want to let him go but I’m sure he’s going to move me off his lap soon. When I hear him curse I know it’s coming. To my surprise, he moves with me wrapped around him. His hold actually tightens on me and he doesn’t put me down. I hear a knock at the door again and it’s then I realize where he’s taking me. I try to let my legs drop from around him but he shifts me higher up on his torso. Since he’s not going to let me down, I wrap my legs back around him and smile into his neck.

“I got the suitcase, sir,” I hear the woman say. “And here are the files that you rushed out of the office today without taking.”

I continue to keep my face buried in his neck. I’m not sure if it’s from embarrassment or the stab of jealousy I still feel in her presence. I know my jealousy is ridiculous at this point, but I kiss his warm neck just to make myself feel better. He has made it clear that all of his attention is always focused on me. I’m just using the jealousy as an excuse to kiss his neck and claim him.

“Thanks, Charlotte.” When he says her name I nip his neck. His body goes still for a moment. Maybe he’s as shocked as I am that I actually keep doing it. This jealousy thing is definitely working in his favor. I quickly lick the spot that I nipped. “Set them there,” he finally tells the poor woman. His hand on my back leaves for a moment. I’m guessing that he is pointing to wherever it is he told her to place the folders.

“Anything else you need?” she asks and I can tell from her tone she is wondering what the hell is going on.

“No, I’ll see you tomorrow.” A moment later I hear the door close.

“You’re pushing it,” Drake says as he starts to move again, making me smile against his neck. A moment later my butt connects with something. I pull back, letting my hands slide from being locked around him to down his chest. I’ve been placed on the kitchen counter with him standing between my thighs. I don’t know much about fantasies but I think this is the setup for one. I mentally take a picture of how he looks standing there between my spread legs.

“I’ll heat us up something to eat,” he tells me but doesn’t move. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t want to break our connection or the fact that I have my fingers digging into his buttoned-up shirt and I’m holding him hostage between my legs. I’m not sure how or when my fingers got there but they are definitely there. They obviously have a mind of their own, sort of like my mouth did when it was near his neck. What can I say? I have no control over my body when he is in close proximity, as I am quickly finding out.

“M’kay.” I reluctantly drop my hands from his chest. He leans down for a moment, resting his forehead to mine.

“You good, baby?” he asks. I smile to myself, knowing that it is the second time he’s called me baby. My heart gives a little flutter at the term of endearment just as it did when he said it the first time.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I can’t stop myself from tilting my head so his mouth brushes mine again. He growls, stepping back from me.

“Food,” he grunts. I laugh because he sounds like a caveman only grunting that one word. “There they are.”

“What?” I ask, not sure what ‘they’ he’s talking about. He gives me a smile before walking over to the fridge. I’m a little surprised to see him pull out a frozen pizza. I don’t know why but I really didn’t think he’d have that in there. I pictured pre-planned meals lined up with labels someone had put together for him but I’m starting to get the feeling he doesn’t want people in his space. Dad hinted that a touch too when I talked to him for a moment when I first got here. He doesn’t seem to mind me here though.

“The dimples.”

I reach up and touch them as he pre-heats the oven.

“Cindy Miller used to make fun of them.” I shake my head. She was always such a brat. “Called me crater face.” I roll my eyes thinking about it. “She hated me because she thinks Colton is in love with me.” She’s so dumb. She just couldn’t comprehend that there was someone that didn’t want her.

Drake’s head jerks back to look at me. “First of all, fuck Cindy Miller. I think she knows how good these sexy-ass dimples look on you and she can’t stand it.” He drops the pizza box that he started to open, clearing the space between us. “Secondly. Whoever this Colton is—” I reach up, putting my hand over his mouth to stop him from talking. His eyes go a little wide. I’m guessing no one has ever done that to him before. He unexpectedly bites my finger. It surprises me and I giggle. I love playful Drake and I hope I get to see more of this side of him. Not that I don’t love that brooding caveman thing he does too just as much.

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