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Nothing I’ve done up until this point has worked. If anything, I am more jacked up than before. I punched the bag so hard that I almost knocked it from the stud it’s anchored into. I couldn’t get the lust to come back down. I tried running until my legs felt like jelly and began to give out. For a moment I thought I’d gotten myself under control until I started down the hallway toward my room. The smell of her sweetness drifted toward me and I found myself standing outside of her door. My hand was on the knob and I wanted to go inside to check on her. I hated how the room was so bare and lifeless compared to her. It made me regret not letting Charlotte decorate that room too. I never thought the space would be used. Now I can’t imagine her not in my space. It’s funny how quickly things change.

When I showed her where she’d be staying I almost walked her straight to my room instead. The temptation rode me hard to suggest it but I didn’t want her getting the wrong idea. Oh, I want to fuck her but I don’t want her to think that’s all I want. She looked awfully disappointed when I told her she’d be sleeping in a bed alone. That look almost had me caving but I knew that this was the right thing to do for her first night. I’m not going to say that it’s going to last much longer than one night though. I don’t think that I’ll be able to have her that far away from me for too long. I want her soft body pressed into mine as she sleeps peacefully. I also want my cock deep in her pussy if I am being honest.

I wrap my hand around my hard cock again. I’ll give it what it wants so badly but I’m not fucking happy about it. I’m not going to let myself enjoy it. I continue to angrily jack myself off. I close my eyes and try to imagine what it will be like the first time I spill my desire inside of her tight cunt. Will she want all of my cum inside of her or will she want to see and feel my hot cum spurt out all over her tight little body? I stroke myself harder.

My mind drifts to her laughing, those big green eyes batting those long, thick lashes at me, how she’d let me feed her and taste her sweet mouth. I groan loudly as my mind flashes to her clinging to me after I gave her ass a slap. She was seeking my comfort. That had me feeling like a million dollars.

I come. Hard. My whole body jerks and I grit out her name. I hate that it’s not her hand wrapped around me. I bet it would be so much softer. Even better would be those puffy pink lips. My cock is starting to harden again thinking about her taking me in her mouth and me coating her throat with my love. I hate that I came so hard with just my thoughts. I tried my hardest to not succumb to my desires but my cock just doesn’t care about the sensible stuff. The only positive thing is that this could maybe take the edge off. I know that I will probably be in a constant state of arousal for as long as she is here.

I open my eyes, watching my cum swirl down the drain. It’s such a waste. I turn off the water. I stand there for a moment thinking about all the filthy fucking thoughts that I used about her to make myself come.

“Holy fuck,” I mumble to myself, ripping the towel from the rack. I wipe myself off. My cock is still hard. I can’t stop thinking about being inside of her and releasing there. What that would mean—

I look over at the mirror. “You’re a fucking bastard,” I tell myself, shaking my head. I flip off the light before heading into my closet to pull on some sweatpants and fall into my bed.

I glance over to the other side of the empty bed, thinking about how bare it looks. I’ve never had that thought before now. Before today the idea of sharing a bed with someone made my skin crawl. Now the idea of not sharing my bed with her has me getting angry.

I don’t know exactly when I fell asleep but movement has me waking up. I smell a hint of apples and I realize something is pressed up against me. My hips push forward and my hard cock presses into something. My eyes fly open at the realization that she’s crept into my bed. She looks like a beautiful angel and that red hair is splayed against my chest and pillow, her plump lips slightly parted.

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