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Her breaths are shallow but her ass is involuntarily pushing back on my hard cock that I don’t think ever went down. When I finally let my eyes travel farther down, I see that all that she’s wearing is a thin silky piece of nothing. What purpose does the thing even fucking serve but to try and kill me? I fucking groan as I continue to rub my dick into her ass. I don’t know why the fuck I decide to move my hand around her, making sure she’s tight to me.

I can’t stop myself as my hand drifts lower, wondering if her panties are the same silky material as the little top thing she has on.

It’s like I want to torture myself. I keep my hand on top of her panties, letting my finger slide back and forth. I can feel the wet spot that has formed there, her body telling me what it needs. I kiss her neck, rubbing it with the layer of my beard that has come in, hoping it marks her delicate skin for all to see.

She moans, wiggling against me. It’s then I realize that I am not only kissing her neck; I am sucking. Making sure I leave a mark behind. I am like a randy fucking teenager trying to leave a hickey. I should feel shame or question why I’m doing the things I keep on doing, but right now all I want to think about is that lush ass. The way that it is wiggling against my cock has me going insane. If I didn’t know better I would think it had a mind of its own. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not acting alone in this.

She’s awake and I wonder how long she has been. Here she had me believing that I was the one stealing small touches in the dark, yet she is the actual thief in this case. My girl is playing her own game. She seems to be playing to win but there will be no losers tonight. We will both be claiming a prize in this little exchange.

“Did you need something, baby?” I ask her as I lick the column of her neck.

“Oh my.” She breathes out. “I couldn’t sleep.” She wiggles again but this time it’s not to tease my cock but to get my hand where she wants it. My finger, which is still lazily stroking her panties, stops.

“Let me rephrase my question. Is there something you want, baby?” I nip her ear after I ask. She stays silent for a moment. I think she’s going to clam up and not say anything.

“I want you to take the ache away. It hurts,” she half whimpers. I suck in a breath at the innocence of her response.

“I’ll take care of it for you,” I tell her. I did promise her father I would take care of her. I can’t leave her aching. “Spread those thighs. Show me you want this,” I tell her. She parts them a little. I want to grab them and spread her wide but I lock down some level of control. I need to go slow. If I do that I’ll end up taking this too far tonight. “I’m a big man with big hands. I need more room than that to play with your pussy.” She spreads her legs wider.

She lets out the sexiest whimper. My cock jerks against her ass, enjoying the sound too. I feel myself make a wet spot in my sweatpants. This little girl is going to make me come all over myself. I know this as I slide my hand into her panties, finding her cunt bare to the touch. I want to flip her over and ask her who she shaved it for. I want to rip off that sexy little piece of nothing she has on and demand she tell me who the fuck she bought it for.

When she moans my name in that soft, sexy voice of hers, I know I’m at her mercy. Fuck whoever else it might have been for. They lost their chance and they won’t be getting it back.

Cum continues to leak from my cock as my fingers graze across her swollen, wet clit. “Is this what you wanted, baby?”

“Oh—oh,” is all she can get past her lips.

“So fucking wet.” I suck in a breath and I can smell her. I want so badly to take my fingers away and bring them to my mouth to taste the cream her body has produced for me. I focus on giving her pleasure. This is about her tonight, not me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“There is nothing wrong with you,” I growl out. “You’re this wet because you need me to take care of you.” I give her neck another nip as I grind my cock up against her ass harder this time. “Say you need me to take care of you,” I demand as I drag my finger across her clit, making her little body jerk. She’s so fucking wet and needy I know that it will only take but a few more brushes of my fingers and she’ll be coming for me. I hate that it will be over so quickly but relish the fact that I’ve taken that ache from her. At least for now. I’ll make sure it isn’t the last one she has from me.

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