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“That wasn’t going to work either.” He leans in, his thumb tracing my lips, which feel swollen. I can still taste him. I think he’s going to kiss me but he drops his hand from my face. I can tell he has to make himself push away from me.

“Oh,” is all I can say.

I watch as he fixes his clothes before pulling out his phone. His hand is too big for the thing but somehow he fires off what I’m guessing is a text or email. “I’m having your clothes brought up to my office. You can change into whatever you like.”

“Just like that.” I smile. The man really does have the world at the tip of his fingers. Though he doesn’t seem to enjoy it. It’s different seeing the pond from the other side. It really is an entirely different view.

“You’ll find all you have to do is ask, Delilah. I could make all your dreams come true.” He slides his phone back into his pocket. I want to tell him he’s wrong. That it isn’t that easy. All I want right now is him and I think we both know that will never work in the long haul. But I keep my mouth shut because I have a feeling a man like Drake isn’t used to hearing that he’s wrong.



I sit at my desk getting nothing done. My eyes keep drifting to my open office doors. I know my sweet Delilah is bouncing around this building in a dress that is both adorable and sexy all at once. I’m sure everyone is looking at her. I knew they would be wondering about her. How could they not be curious? I am having trouble stifling my own curiosity. There is no way to ignore her presence. She lights up a room just by walking into it. I can’t be the only one noticing these things. If she has me enthralled, I feel sorry for everyone else because I’m sure they’ll be wrapped around her finger in no time. I have never been one to pay attention to the people around me before. My mind and eyes are always focused on work. I built this company from the ground up. I don’t have time for long-term relationships. I am about to change that, though. Delilah is mine now and I’m not giving her up.

“Sir,” Charlotte half yells, making me jerk from my thoughts. She stands in front of my desk looking at me like I’m crazy. I’ve grown used to that look. I think it’s been a permanent fixture since Delilah showed up. Charlotte has no idea what to do with all of the odd requests I keep making. I can’t say I blame her. I probably seem like I’m losing my mind. That’s how Delilah does have me feeling. I’m not sure which way is up and which is down these days. I don’t know what to do with myself and oddly, I am enjoying it.

I can’t believe what I made her do in the car on the ride to work. I came right inside that sassy-sweet mouth of hers. She sucked down every last drop and wanted more. I’m going to give her more soon enough. Only this time I am going to come between those lush thighs of hers. I plan to plant more than myself inside of her. I’m shocked at my own thoughts. I’ve never thought of having a family before. I didn’t think that it was an option for me, but Delilah has changed that. I will make sure our family isn’t like my own, with all their fucked-up ideas of what a family is. To them family is all about show. Nothing more. It’s empty. It wasn’t until Delilah’s father that I’d seen there was something different out there to have.

“You want me to make mail?” Charlotte asks, sounding confused. I don’t know what she’s not understanding. I’ve explained it twice already. How hard is it to make some mail? It sounds like a simple enough task to me.

“Yes, make mail addressed to me and take it down to the mailroom.”

“The mailroom here?” She looks around the room as if she is trying to find someone to help her solve some riddle I’ve created.

“When Delilah isn’t looking, of course,” I add. She can’t know what I’m doing. It would only piss her off. Don’t get me wrong. I love when my little Delilah gets worked up, but I also enjoy her sweet side. The anger she had in the car worked out nicely, though. At least the part where she came for me and sucked me off. The hurt I’d caused her was weighing on my mind. I kept revisiting the wounded look she was wearing during our commute. I never want her to have that look again. I wanted her to crawl into my lap. I preferred to please her and have her want me because I made her happy.

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