Page 24 of Bring Him Home

I can’t believe she thought I wanted her to look like my assistant. My eyes flick to Charlotte from my open office door. I keep staring out of that door hoping Delilah will come bouncing through it at any moment. Charlotte looks like every other woman to me. We have always had a very professional relationship and I don’t look at her in any other way. Since the moment Delilah walked into my life, I memorized every detail of every part of her that I have been lucky enough to see so far.

There is a freckle on her left inner thigh that I wanted to kiss so badly before I moved up to taste her. I could see tiny golden flecks in her green gaze. I was beginning to learn all of her tells. She wiggles her ass just a little when she starts to get turned on. That damn girl couldn’t stay still to save her life.

“Oh my God.” Charlotte shakes her head at me, finally putting together what I am asking her to do. She is going to have the mail filtered before it reaches the mailroom so Delilah will only get mine. If there isn’t mail that day, Charlotte needs to make some so that I can get Delilah to come to my office frequently. My plan is perfect in my mind. I’m not about to let her deliver mail to all of these other men that surely will be drooling over her. I want her only to drop it off to me. I want all of her attention. I am a spoiled man who doesn’t want to share. My idea is brilliant, if I do say so myself.

“You have a million emails and I need you to sign these contracts.” She points to the stack of folders she put on my desk when I first got here. I keep forgetting they are there. I bet Delilah would look good spread out on my desk. I would never forget if her sweet ass was on my desk. That would be a task I’d be all over doing.

Charlotte snaps her fingers to get my attention, my mind having drifted off again. “I’ll fix this.” She gives a hard nod of determination, her shoulders going square before she turns to leave. I have no idea what she’s going to do but Charlotte has her job because she is good at it. She was young for the position but I saw the drive in her the first time I met her. I’m pretty sure she hates city life as much as I do. I’m positive that whatever Charlotte has working in that head of hers will solve my problem. I’m sure she will come up with a solution that will be in favor of putting me at ease. I know she wants me to get back to work as soon as possible. That woman is just as addicted to work as I am. The faster she gets the mail situation figured out, the faster I will be able to concentrate on work again.

I glance at the folders she sat on my desk and back to the emails I have pulled up on my computer. Work is one way I can easily lose myself. I always have plenty of work, which makes my day go faster. I’m starting to think I use it to pretend that my life hasn’t become so bland and boring.

Right now, though, I have no desire to work. I clear out my emails before calling down to the security desk downstairs to check if anything is going on that I should know about.

“Sir.” Vinnie at Security speaks into the line. I learned his name this morning after I let Delilah go to change her clothes and head down to the mailroom to work. She is working with a woman named Sherile that apparently runs the mailroom. Charlotte gave me a five-minute hard look for not remembering the woman’s name. Something about her being here for years and dropping off my mail.

“How’s it going?” I ask for the third time this morning.

“All is good. She’s dropping off mail. Takes her a little longer than the other girl.” See, even Vinnie doesn’t remember the other woman’s name. I am liking him more and more.

“She’s new,” I growl in my girl’s defense.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant people snag her and hold her up.” I stand up, and my chair flies backward, crashing into the wall behind me.

“Who the fuck is touching her?” I never should have let her leave my sight. Fuckers are touching her? I’ll burn this building to the fucking ground if I have to. There will be no need for mail to be dropped off then.

I tell myself that she still has the taste of me on her mouth to calm myself down. I think about the kiss I gave her before I let her out of my sight this morning. The only peace of mind I’d had was she still tasted like me. I’m pacing my office, half out of my damn mind. I am never going to get any work done with her roaming freely in this building.