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If Ma was here she would lean over and whisper in my ear, ‘Her pants are so tight I can see her religion.’ I fight a smile thinking about it. Dang it, I miss her too. Aren’t I too old to get homesick? I haven’t been gone long enough for it to be this strong.

“I get what you’re saying,” I respond because she keeps staring at me. She’s clearly waiting for me to give her something.

“I saw him kissing you and just wanted to warn you.” She pushes off from where she’s leaning. I swallow the small lump that forms in my throat thinking about Drake sowing anything. I didn’t take him for the kind of man that bangs everything with two legs, but I’ve only known him for one day. Colton isn’t like that. He is really my only comparison next to my parents about men. I mean, I’ve heard the ranch hands talk dirty but I don’t know.

“Maybe your dress is too short because it’s too small for you,” she adds, clearly enjoying giving me another dig. She’s on a roll now. “If you didn’t have all those hips and boobs it wouldn’t make it fall so short.” Her eyes actually flip over to the muffin and hot chocolate I’ve been snacking on. Drake had it brought to me thinking I didn’t eat enough today.

“Drake doesn’t seem to mind my extra curves.” I give her a big smile before walking over and taking a bite of my muffin. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe he does burn through women. So many he can’t even remember names.” I give her my own side dig back. Two can play that game.

I saw her face this morning when Drake looked like he’d never seen the woman before in his life, only to find out she’s been here for years. Looks like she pays way more attention to him than he’s ever paid to her. “Besides, I’m just using him for orgasms and I heard he’s loaded.” I roll my eyes. “He talks about it all the time.” I fake annoyance.

The woman stands there shocked, with her mouth hanging open. I jerk my head to the left when a burst of laughter rings out into the mailroom to see Charlotte standing there holding her stomach. I fight my own laugh.

“Delilah, I need you for a moment if you don’t mind,” she gets out after she’s done laughing. I nod, not asking Sherile if that’s okay. I think she is kind of my boss but forget her. Drake said he owned the building and I’m guessing he’s the reason Charlotte is down here to begin with.

“Ignore her,” Charlotte tells me as she shakes her head, hitting the button on the elevator. “The women around here have been trying to land Drake for years.” The doors open. We both step on together. “I’m pretty sure they have even made rumors about him and me.” She scrunches her nose like that’s gross.

“He’s not hard to look at.” I laugh. “What’s with the face?” I mean, I’m glad she’s not into him. That would make things awkward but she’d be crazy if she doesn’t think that man is hot. I get why the women want him. What I don’t understand is why be a mega bitch to someone else because you didn’t get him? I’ve never understood how you could pine away for a man who didn’t want you. I think I’d be so turned off if Drake couldn’t remember my name. I would leave his ass in the dust if he was that rude. I could also just slap him again if he didn’t remember but that didn’t really work the first time.

“He is handsome. I guess he’s just been so good to me that he kind of feels like a brother to me at this point.” She hits the button for the top floor. “Besides, our families kind of know each other and well, we both have a mutual dislike for our own families so it’s a bond we share.” She says it with a laugh. I’m not sure that’s funny but I keep that to myself. It’s sad. It’s hard to wrap my mind around not loving your family even when you want to hate them.

“I get it. Colton lives next door and he’s one of my best friends. He’s kind of like a brother to me too.” I understand what it is like to be close to a man but only share a platonic relationship with him. I was never sexually attracted to Colton. I have never been sexually attracted to any man before Drake.

“Colton.” She shakes her head, making her blond hair sway. “That man is persistent. You sure he doesn’t have a thing for you?” She raises one of her perfect eyebrows at me.

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