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I kiss the inside of her right ankle with gratitude. It’s slender and smooth. I trace a finger around the top of the white anklet sock, dipping underneath to feel her ankle, the tender skin of her Achilles, her callused heel.

“My feet are gross,” she whispers, trying to draw her leg out of my grip. “Even though I don’t do pointe anymore, my toes are all jacked up. Maybe you should kiss some other place.” Her voice is soft. I can tell it bothers her. I want to put her at ease like she did for me.

“If we’re going by scars and shit like that, I think I have you beat. That little one you saw on my hand? That’s nothing compared to what’s on my back and legs. If you really don’t want me to touch you, I’ll stop, but I’m not turned off by any part of your body.” I give her the truth. I don’t think she could ever do anything to turn me off from her.

She hesitates but then relaxes. “All right.”

This capitulation is more arousing than any lap dance or strip tease could ever be. It’s a gesture of trust. My heart flips over and my cock nearly bursts with joy. She trusts me.

“I won’t ever hurt you,” I vow. I pull off her shoes and socks. Her toes curl, as if she’s trying to hide them from me, but the brave girl doesn’t run away. I kiss her toes—the ones she hates, the ones that held her up, the ones that carried her all the way to me. I suck on the knob of the ankle bone and lick the indentation behind it. I mouth my way up each leg, paying attention to the tender, thin skin at the backs of her knees and the sweet, fragrant inner thighs. By the time I reach her pussy, her panties are soaked. She’s relaxed. Unshy about her body now.

She helps me pull them off and then there’s no barrier between her hot, juicy cunt and my ravenous appetite. She cries out at the first contact when my lips part her folds. She sighs and clutches my head when I bite her clit. She squeezes her thighs tight around my ears when my tongue delves into her cream.

I fuck her with my mouth, invading her wet sex with my hard tongue. My long fingers drive deep into her. Erika pants and moans and wriggles above me. I clamp my hands around her ass and pull her against my face. Ride me, I silently command as I tongue her hard. Fuck my face until you come so hard you see stars. Come for me. It’s half a plea, half a command.

She hears me. Or maybe she hears her own body. She grinds her hips over my face in a filthy, erotic movement. She snaps, back arching, knees bent, thighs crushing, as the orgasm shakes her body. Heat speeds through my spine, torching the fuse that has been simmering since I first saw her. I spend in my sweatpants as she pours her desire all over my tongue.

Her tense body goes limp. “Tank, that was…” She can’t finish her sentence, but I hear what she’s left unsaid.

That was un-fricking-believable.

I pick her up and carry her down the hall to the bedroom, ignoring the tiny nips at my heels.

Tuesday, like Erika, doesn’t like to share. Or maybe Tuesday wants more of Erika’s attention. Either way, the cat is going to be unhappy for a few hours. I shut the door in my pet’s face and place Erika on the bed.

The little cat meows her unhappiness.

“Maybe you should let her in,” Erika suggests, her head lolling against my shoulder.

“I don’t think kids should watch their parents do certain things.” I reach behind me and pull off my T-shirt. Adrenaline’s driving me and it’s saying we both have too many clothes on.

“We’re her parents?”

“Yes. Tomorrow you can sign the adoption papers.” I toss the shirt aside and step out of my sweatpants. The thin fabric of my undershorts does little to disguise my hard-on.

I take a step toward Erika, whose eyes are pinned to my dick. I’ve come, but I’m still rock hard. Alarm flickers through her eyes. I press a knee against the bed and rub my hand over her cheek. “It’ll work. We’re meant to be together.”



At his words, my body relaxes. I know he wouldn’t lie to me. We have to fit. I silently chant this to myself over and over again on a continuous loop in my head. There’s no other option. I need Tank like I’ve never needed anything or anyone before in my life. I’d go crazy if I couldn’t have him. The need to feel him inside of me pulses from the center of my body out to the tips of my fingers. The only thing I can think of is Tank’s massive body on top of mine slowly rocking that hard cock into me. I’m going to make his cock fit if it’s the last thing I do. There’s no turning back now.