Page 16 of She’s All Mine

Now I know why Liv was going crazy waiting for the Audley twins to take her. It’s only been minutes that I’ve really known that Tank wants me and I’m already about to explode with need. I have a newfound respect for her that she was able to wait for the twins so long. Every second that Tank and I wait feels like an eternity.

“We are,” I agree. My hands slide up his broad chest. Small scars mark him here, too. I try not to focus on any one spot for too long since he has so much for me to see. I also don’t want him to think I’m staring at his scars. They are a part of him, but they don’t define him. My lips part as I continue to explore his body. His muscles are strained from holding himself up over me, each one of them defined by what looks like years of training. I want all of those muscles working concurrently to pleasure me.

I lean up, kissing one of the scars over his heart. He sucks in a breath, his eyes closing. For a moment I think I’ve hurt him. I know it’s impossible. My lips barely grazed him.

“Erika.” My name comes out needy from his mouth, making it clear he’s not in pain. Well, maybe he’s in a little pain if his ache is anywhere near as bad as the one I’m feeling right now. He has to be aching. I’ve already come. He’s already ruined me. The small touches I’ve given myself are nothing compared to his mouth. He doesn’t kiss. He devours.

I watch as he fights for control. I’m not sure why. His breathing is deep and hard as he looms over me. His hips lower, his hard cock brushing my bare pussy. When he stripped off his shirt and sweatpants my world turned upside down. I’ve never seen a body like his in the flesh before. My Tank’s body is almost indescribable in its masculinity.

Tank is hot. No, I’m not into the Audley twins or other football players. I’m into whatever Tank is offering. He’s in a league of his own. Thick and hard everywhere. Even the scars that initially made me sad are sexy on him. He looks like a warrior as he crawls over the bed to claim his prize.

His tight boxer shorts cling to his thick thighs. Moments ago I loved how he looked in them. Right now I hate them more than anything. He brushes his cock against me again, making us both moan at the contact. When he kissed me, he licked the seam of my mouth as if he was asking for my permission to slip his tongue inside my mouth. Maybe that’s what he’s doing now. He doesn’t need to ask. I’m his for the taking. If he doesn’t do something soon I will be taking him.

“Show me, Tank. Show me you’ll fit.” My hands drift down lower, my fingers teasing the top of the elastic band. Shyness clings to me still. I don’t know if he knows this is my first time, that I need him to guide me some here. I don’t want to miss a cue I should be reading. I arch my hips, silently giving him a clue that I want this. Tank groans as he reaches down to remove the offending boxer shorts.

I suck in a breath when his cock springs free. Cum leaks from the head and down his thick shaft. I lick my lips, wondering what he tastes like, how he would taste with me on him.

“Erika.” He growls my name, making my eyes snap up to meet his. “You can’t do that right now.”

“What?” The word pops from my mouth. I don’t know why. I don’t even know what I’m asking. My brain has short-circuited for the first time in my life. I’m at a loss for words. This never happens to me.

“Look at me like that.” His voice holds a growl that makes my nipples harden almost to the point of pain.

I have no idea how I’m looking at him. I have no idea what I’m even doing. I hook my legs around him and pull him toward me with my feet. My body is now on autopilot.

I know that I can’t move him if he doesn’t want me to, but he doesn’t fight me. He lets me direct him where I want. “Shirt,” he grunts. We both go to pull at my mine. I hear a ripping sound, but I don’t care as my shirt is tossed away. I didn’t wear a bra today, so I’m completely bare once my it comes off. My small breasts bounce before one is engulfed in Tank’s hand. He sucks the other one to his mouth. I arch into him, wanting him to continue sucking and licking my nipples. I’ve never felt anything like what my body is feeling in this moment.