Page 17 of She’s All Mine

My back bows off the bed as Tank’s cock presses against my clit, moving back and forth. My hips join the moving. Now we are getting in a groove, our bodies dancing to the rhythm that we are creating together, a dance that I don’t know the moves to because I’ve never done it before.

“We’ll go slow,” Tank says as he releases my nipple.

“I want you to take me however you normally do this. I know I’m small but—”

He cuts me off. “You’re not small. You’re perfect.” His eyes lock with mine. He really believes I’m perfect. I could give him a list of my imperfections. Hell, my mom could give him two lists, but I know it would fall on deaf ears with him. Besides, I like being perfect in someone’s eyes for once. That would be another first accomplished by me tonight.

He slides down a little, with his hand going between us. My legs are already spread as wide as they can go to fit his broad frame. He pushes his cock to my opening and gently thrusts in a little. I gasp at the sudden feeling of fullness. I look down to see that he only has the tip in me. How can I already feel so full of him? I’m too worked up to think on it too long. I know that my body wants more, so I shift to try and push him in deeper.

“And I don’t normally take anyone. So we’re clear. My cock will only ever know you. You’ll be the first and only cherry it ever takes. So, whatever way I take you will set the precedent for how I take you every time thereafter.” His mouth brushes against mine. “Because you’re all I’ll ever know.” There is a vow to his words.

He pushes more inside me. I gasp, parting my lips. I feel the stinging burn as he pushes through my virginity. His tongue invades my mouth as he takes all of me. I give everything to him in this moment—my body, my love and most of all my trust that he will take care of it. Somehow I know he will.

He pulls his mouth from mine. “Tank,” I call out. He stares down at me. It’s then I realize he isn’t moving anymore. My body is yearning for him to thrust into it. I begin to wiggle under him, trying to get what I need. His nostrils flare and his face sets in a hard line.

“Treasure?” His eyes close. His face looks pained. I reach up to cup his face in my hand. I want to comfort him, take away any pain he’s ever felt.

“I’m okay.” I answer his unspoken question. His eyes fly open. In the past hour, if I’ve learned anything it’s that Tank is going to take care of how I feel through this process. He may even know my body better than I do. His goal always seems to be to please me. It answers a lot of the small questions I had in my mind about our first few encounters now. He wants to handle me with care, but he’s also not sure how to do that at times.

“But I need you to move.” I try again to move under him again. I thrust my hips up, but his powerful body has me pinned beneath him. My pussy clenches at the realization, causing Tank to curse. “Tank, please,” I beg. My hand drops from his face, going to his body. I’m not sure what I’m trying to accomplish with my hands, but I just need them all over him.

“I got you.” He pulls out of my pussy a little, which makes me gasp at the sensation. It stings a touch, but the pleasure is more and overrides everything else. It reminds me of the burn I feel when I push a muscle too far. It’s a bittersweet pain, but I still want to push for more. I want to see how far and how much I can take. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he grunts as he starts to move.

I cry out when he shifts, lifting to his knees as he takes my small hips into his hands. Our eyes go to where he’s thrusting in and out. It’s the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life.

“Tell me you’re almost there.” My eyes travel up his body to lock with his. He’s watching my face. He reaches down and strums my clit as he continues to thrust into me. My body begins to tremble, the orgasm pushing down on me quickly. I don’t want to come already but I know it will be one in a long chain of many if the two he’s given me already so quickly are a sign of what is to come.