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“Tank!” I cry out. Pleasure rushes through me and my whole body comes undone. His warm release spills inside of me.

My eyes flutter open when his mouth touches mine. I didn’t realize I’d closed them. “Sleep,” he tells me. I only nod as he rolls us. His cock is still inside me as I lie against his chest. He wraps his arms around me tightly, holding me in place while I drift off to sleep. I’m not sure if I dreamed his words of love or it he’d really said them. Either way, for the first time in my life I feel like I’m home.



I wake up with my dick inside of Erika, which makes this officially the best morning of my life. I don’t know if I was hard all night or I started fucking her in my sleep. Both seem like plausible explanations. I’ve been hard since I laid eyes on her and my dick wants nothing more than to be in her 24/7.

Thank fuck my dumbshit mouth didn’t scare her away. Last night, the words “I love you” slipped out. I can’t control my dick or my tongue when it comes to her.

Her head is tucked under my chin and her long hair spills over my arm and chest like a silk blanket. I press my lips onto the top of her head. As much as I want to stay inside her, I have a sad cat outside the door to attend to. Plus, this little pussy needs a break. We fit, but she’s small and my dick is huge and we did not take it easy last night.

Erika’s got a lot of stamina. And she’s bendy from all the dancing she does. I couldn’t help but explore exactly how flexible she could be. Answer: really fucking flexible. As in, she can hold her legs to her nose, which wasn’t a position I thought I’d like until we tried it and then it became my fourth-favorite position. She’s extra tight when her legs are like that, squeezing my thick cock like a vise.

Cowgirl is my third favorite because there’s nothing like seeing her slide up and down my rod while her tits are bouncing in the air. I didn’t last more than ten strokes in the face of that show. Doggy-style is my second favorite because I can slap her ass and lick the elegant curve of her spine. It’s both classy and dirty at the same time. The number one position, though, is good old missionary. There’s some real magic in staring into Erika’s eyes as I slide so far inside my dick hits her womb. I’m going to make a baby in there, someday.

Not now, though. Now I need to take care of both pussies. One needs a hot cloth to ease her sore muscles and the other needs some food. Erika makes a little mewling sound as I withdraw. My heart does a flip. She misses me. Even in her sleep, she wants me close. Her little sound of protest makes me feel better. Maybe she won’t run off screaming when her eyes pop open.

I tuck the blankets around her and then silently exit the room. Tuesday gives a tiny lion rawr of discontent. I bend down and lift the small tabby mix and snug her up against my chest. “Sorry, little one, but your daddy didn’t think you’d want to see all that action.”

She purrs lightly and rubs her small head against my chest. All’s forgiven, she appears to say. “Let’s get you fed. Erika needs some attention, too. I worked her hard last night.”

In the kitchen, I open a can of food for Tuesday and then watch for a few seconds as the cat delicately chomps down her breakfast. Once I’m satisfied that Tuesday isn’t going to attack my ankles again, I head for the bathroom. Inside, I prepare a hot washcloth for Erika. Heat works well when my muscles are sore, so I figure this will feel good for her.

Before I can get to her, I hear the bedroom door open and a soft voice say, “Tank?”

I hurry out to see Erika wrapped up in the blanket, blinking like the cutest fucking owl that ever existed. “You hungry? Thirsty? Need to pee?”

“Um, no, I just woke up and noticed I was…alone.” She averts her eyes and tucks her chin against her chest.

Did she worry I ran off? Shit. What kind of man does she think I am?

“Had to feed Tuesday.” I hold up the rapidly cooling rag. “But I got you this.”

She raises her eyes to the washcloth. “For my face? Did I leave drool marks?” Her hands fly to her cheeks and the blanket nearly drops to the ground. She catches it quickly and I only get a glimpse of golden skin.

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