“I’m never getting my cock ring stuck again, but that’s mostly because my woman no longer has that piece of plastic inside her that keeps me from getting her pregnant.”

“Your woman?” I smother a laugh as we walk down the long marble hallway. “I thought she ditched you in the hospital?”

“She’s playing hard to get, but I found out where she works.” He looks smug as he turns to smile at me. “It’s only a matter of time. Besides, I’m already trying to help you find her. I just need my girl to stop running away from me long enough to ask.”

He grumbles and I know we’re both feeling frustrated. I’ve tried to talk to everyone that was at the wedding, but it’s clear that these ladies crashed the party and now I have no way to find her. Sugar has disappeared, but I’m doing all I can to bring her back to me.

“Do you really think this will work?” he asks as we walk into the giant ballroom.

“I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.” The music thumps and the bride and groom move across the dance floor. “I’ve never crashed a wedding, but it can’t be that hard. Right?”

Dean looks at me and shrugs as we walk into the venue. I scoured all the places I could that were near where my brother got married just to be sure it was close enough for her to travel to. It’s the only logical thing I could think of. If she crashed one wedding, maybe she’ll do it again.

The first place I look is over by the cake and I see the server carving it up and handing out pieces.

“I’ll be over there,” I say and walk away from Dean. I hear him say he’ll be by the DJ table.

I wanted him here with me in case I got caught. It’s easier to point to the other side of the room and have a friend wave to you than it is to pick a stranger out of a crowd. At least I’ll have company in jail if we get arrested, but I don’t know if anyone would take it that far. Although, if I knew Sugar was in here and they wouldn’t let me get to her, I might just make a big enough scene for someone to call the cops.

I make my way over to the cake and stand back a little so if she does show up she won’t see me right away. I give the dessert a once-over and realize that I could make a better one than that. I probably shouldn’t be so smug because I’ve made exactly one cake in my life, but Sugar said it was the best she ever had.

The room is packed and it’s hard to see between all the people, but the sound of laughter catches my attention.

“It’s her,” I whisper to myself. She’s standing a few feet away from me in line for cake.

Everything in me wants to go to her and demand she explain why she ran out on me, but I don’t want to scare her. That weird ache inside my chest is back and I know if I get close to her it will get stronger. I like it, though, because it makes me feel protective of her. It’s need, to be at her side, to hear her laugh.

There’s a woman in line in front of her. She’s smiling, too, and there’s a man standing behind her. Sugar laughs, turning to look at the man behind her at something he said. The man checks her out, openly trying to look down the front of her dress.

“Fuck that.” I push away from the wall and stomp over to her, but she’s facing away from me and doesn’t see me coming. The man behind her does and his eyes widen as he staggers back.

There’s a pause in the conversation and she turns around slowly to see me standing behind her. For a second she’s shocked and doesn’t make a sound, so I lean in close and whisper so only she can hear me.

“Did you really think I’d have one taste of that sweet pussy and let you get away?”

She swallows loudly and parts her lips. “Hank, I—”

“You ran off without so much as a note, Sugar.” I reach out and take her upper arm and pull her closer to me. “I’m not making the mistake of letting you out of my sight ever again.”

“Is everything okay here?” the guy in line asks and I cut my eyes over to him.

“Don’t try and be a hero,” I growl, and Sugar puts her hand on my chest.

That strange feeling I have when I’m with her is pounding through my body, and her touch magnifies it. Blood is pumping through my veins and straight to my cock and I have the need to pin her under me and snarl at every male in the room.

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