“Why don’t we go somewhere more private, Hank?” she says sweetly to me, moving in closer.

The guy is smart enough to see that this isn’t something he wants to get in the middle of, and Sugar pulls at my arm for me to follow her. We don’t make it ten steps before I have her against the wall and my mouth is on hers.

“Why’d you run out on me?” I demand, but then I kiss her again so thoroughly she can’t answer. “You’re mine, Sugar. I told you I wasn’t letting you go.”

She grips my suit and I feel her curvy body move against mine. I don’t give her a second to explain herself or to tell me to stop, I just push myself onto her like a dog in heat.

“Damn you for making me crash a wedding.” My hand moves to her ass. Her sunny laugh turns to a husky moan. “But I’d throw a fucking wedding if it meant finding you.”

“Is that so?” She’s finally able to get a word out before I press my lips to hers and she smiles at me. “Would you invite me?”

“Don’t you get it, Sugar?” I hold her face as I look into her eyes. “I’d be waiting at the end of the aisle for you.”

“Oh,” she whispers, and I lean in and kiss her tenderly.

This time I’m not as rushed and not as brutal. I’m still just as hungry and desperate for her, but I’m beginning to relax now that she’s in my arms.

“Looks like you found her. Now tell me where I can find my girl,” Dean says from somewhere behind me.

Dean takes off and I shake my head as I wrap my arms around her and lift her up. “Dance with me.”

“I don’t think I really have a choice,” she laughs. I walk us onto the floor and sway with her in my arms. “But yes, I’ll dance with you.”

“Good. Now tell me why you ran out on me and made me a miserable bastard for an entire week wondering where the hell you went.”

Chapter Ten


I can’t believe he’s here. At first I thought maybe I dreamed him. His hard cock presses into me and reassures me he’s real. I lick my suddenly dry lips and his question jerks me back to reality. I got lost in the moment of seeing him again and forgot about everything else. I’ve been heartbroken because he left me alone in bed, so I’m wondering why he was miserable.

“You’re the one who ran.” I try to push at his chest, but his hold tightens.

“I’m not letting you go, so get that thought out of your pretty little head.”

My fingers dig into his chest and everything settles over me. From the look in his eyes I know he means what he says.

“You were coming back to the room,” I whisper, and realize Nikki was right.

“I’ll always come back for you, Sugar. I can’t believe you doubted that after what we shared.” His big hand moves down my back and squeezes my ass. “I had to make myself leave last time and it was a damn emergency.” He shakes his head and I burst into laughter when he mumbles “stupid cock piercing.”

“Oh my God! You’re the cousin that came and helped them.” It all clicks into place. Hank was the one who helped Nikki and his cousin Dean. That’s why he had to leave.

“Glad someone thinks that it’s funny,” Hank grunts, clearly unamused.

“It’s kinda funny.” I fight my laughter, but it’s no use.

“What’s not funny is the hell I’ve been in for the last week.” His words sober me because the last week has been the same for me.

“You too?” I ask, and he nods. I rub my hands across his chest because I want to feel him under my touch. As mad as I am that I thought he ran out on me, I’m madder at myself for not enjoying that night like I could’ve. I didn’t get to see all of him or feel him inside of me. I passed out before we could do more, but even if it had been for that one night, I still wanted it.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” he admits, and his face looks pained. “You were there with me, Sugar. You had to feel the connection between us.” He takes my hand and leads me off the dance floor. We walk over to the side of the room and he looks at me with so much intensity. “Tell me you felt it.”

He moves so the rest of the room is blocked from my view. His body is all around me, with my back up against the wall. I look up at him as his eyes search my face and he’s scared of what I’m going to say.

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