“Really?” I smile over at him.

“Yeah.” He stops at a red light and turns a little to give me his attention. “You make the sexiest sounds when you taste something you like.” I moan sometimes when I eat and I feel myself blush. “You think you’d make that sound around my cock if I slipped it in your mouth?”

My eyes widen as I think about it and my whole body begins to buzz. “Guess there is only one way to find out,” I manage to say.

Hank’s hold on the steering wheel tightens and a horn honks from behind us, making me jump. The light turned green and neither of us noticed. Hank lets out a quiet curse before he hits the gas.

“When you get shy about something you look down and your nose scrunches a little. And when you laugh you have a small dimple on your cheek.” He glances over at me and winks. “You cross your ankles when you’re telling a story.”

“You notice a lot.” I tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear. I love how he sees all these small things about me. He’s really paying attention, and if this is what love is, I see why my mom is always in search of it. I just don’t get how she can feel this over and over again with a different man each time. I may not know Hank that well, but I know this is different. I also know I’ve never felt this way with someone else. I can feel it.

“I notice everything.” He licks his lips and then looks over at me. “Like when you come.” He smiles at me like he’s remembering the way I tasted. “You’re as sweet as your name.”

His dirty words make my breath catch. Yeah, this is different. I’m not going to run from his bed tonight; I’m going to take all that Hank has to give me.

Chapter Eleven


I make it home in record speed, hit the button for the garage and park inside. Before the door is fully closed I’m out of the car and around to her side.

“I can’t wait,” I say, flinging open her door and pulling her into my arms.

Her giggle turns into a moan as I rush into the house and my lips begin to find every available inch of her skin.

“Hank, I’m dying.” Her body moves against mine as my lips move lower.

My hands are gripping her ass and rubbing her against me as I stumble through the kitchen and into the living room. My bedroom is at the end of the hall, but that’s too far away. I’ve already taken all the steps I’m going to before my need brings me to my knees.

“I’m so sorry,” I mumble as we both go to the floor and I push her dress up around her waist. “You deserve better than this.”

I yank open the front of my pants and I hear material rip as I pull my cock out.

“Don’t stop.” She reaches between us with one hand and pulls her panties to the side as her other wraps around my cock and she guides me to her sticky, hot center.

“Fuck,” I curse, pounding my fist in the carpet and my cock surges forward.

“More.” Her voice is breathy as she arches her back and eagerly takes more of me into her.

I dig my fingers into the carpet as I try to control myself, but all I want to do is thrust all the way in and have her heat squeeze me like a vise. I’m growling and salivating like an animal as I slowly enter her perfect body.

When I feel the tight ring of her virginity, I pause and look into her eyes. I grab her hands and hold them above her head as I lean down and place my lips on hers. With one hard thrust I’m seated fully inside her and she cries out into my mouth. I kiss her harder and let my tongue glide against her as I try to be still. Her body is tense and her legs are frozen around me as I simply hold myself deep within her and savor the unbearable compression of her pussy.

“You’re so fucking perfect.” I rock a little and she whines as her nails dig into my hands. “Just breathe, Sugar.”

“I’m trying,” she gasps as my cock throbs inside her. “I’m so full.”

“You feel so damn good I keep growing.” I kiss my way down her neck and pull the top of her dress until her tits spring free. “I’ve never been so big and hard before.”

She whines and I suck on her nipples to try and help her relax.

“I can’t help it, Sugar, I need you.” I rock against her and grunt. “Just let me come and then I’ll take care of you.”

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