“I was going to ask you to dance, but we have to get out of here,” he tells me and I nod my agreement. He slides his hand into mine and locks our fingers together. He pulls me from the reception hall and we go down a corridor and to the stairs. Dean starts pulling at every door we pass and I’d laugh if I didn’t want one to open so badly.

Finally one gives and he swings it open and pulls me inside with him. He pins me to the wall as the door closes behind us. “I don’t want you to think I’m just trying to fuck you, but…” He trails off as his eyes close for a minute and I can tell he’s trying to get it together. I start pulling at his clothes, and those dark gray eyes fly open as I untuck his shirt.

“I feel it,” I tell him. “Trust me. I feel it so bad I’m about to give you my virginity in a storage closet.” Dean groans and his eyes become hooded.

“I can’t do that to you here.” He says that, but he makes no move to stop my hands or leave. “I should be doing this the right way. I can’t tell our children I had their mom in a storage closet.”

He’s not telling our kids anything about our first time, but I’ll talk to him about that later.

“Are you telling me no?” I push my hands up and under his shirt and feel his bare skin against my fingers. Maybe we should be doing this differently, but I’m too worked up to care.

“I’ll never tell you no.” Those grays bore into me and I’ve never felt such intensity with someone before.

“I want you inside me. Now.”

Chapter Two


“Yes, ma’am.” I grab the edge of the dress and pull it up. “But first I’m going to make sure you’re wet enough.”

“I am, trust me.” She grips the front of my shirt and I cock my head to the side.

“You might have walked in here with your sassy pants on, but I know if that little pussy of yours hasn’t had a dick we’re going to have to work her up real good before she takes what I’ve got for you.”

She gasps as I kneel down in front of her and yank her panties to the side. I whistle long and low as I stare at her pretty pink lips glistening with need. “Damn, you weren’t kidding.”

“Oh God,” she breathes, and I look up to see her face as red as a rose.

“Shh, don’t be shy. I’m so damn proud this is all for me.” I lean in a little and press my nose to her pussy, inhaling. “It is, isn’t it? Tell me, sassy, is this all mine?”

She nods, and my mouth waters as I slide my tongue between her petal-soft lips. She’s as sweet as honeysuckle and finer than silk. I’m a lucky man that I get to call her my own, because that’s what she is. One look and I was done for. She might as well have been a speeding truck coming right at me, because it felt just like I’d been run over. The feeling of belonging and desire hit me hard and fast and left me reeling.

She spreads her legs as I move in close and make a meal out of her. Her small fingers move down and she spreads her lips so I can suck on her clit. My tongue rolls over it and then around in circles until I hear her whining with need.

I slide two of my fingers up and into her tight opening as she cries out with desire. She squeezes them as I move inside her and try to stretch what is unyielding to my touch. She’s hot and dripping down my fingers, so I lick that up too. I want every single drop she has to give and then some. I growl against her soft skin as she pushes her pussy closer to my mouth.

My cock is aching and demanding that I give it what it wants right this goddamn second. I can’t hold on for much longer, but I know I have to get her off. The need to have her orgasm is stronger than the need to breathe, and I can’t stop as she builds closer.

“Dean.” My name whispered ever so gently is a plea for me to be hers. It’s a call to become the man she’s dreamed of and desired just like I’ve been waiting for her.

“I’ve got you,” I say against her pussy when I feel her entire body tense.

Her cry starts out low and then climbs to a piercing shout as her body reaches the pinnacle of desire. Her orgasm is hard and rocks her whole body and finally, finally her pussy relaxes around my fingers.

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