I breathe a sigh of relief as I slide them out of her and lick them clean. Then I quickly rip off my clothes and pull her dress over her head. I don’t care if we’re in a closet, I need her skin on skin. I grab a blanket off a nearby shelf and lay it on the ground before I sit down on it.

“Oh shit.” She stares open mouthed at my cock as I lean back on the blanket and hold out my hand.

“It’s all right, we’ll go slow,” I say, using my other hand to jack it up and down a few times to spread the cum all over it.

“I’ve never seen one with a piercing through it.” She steps slowly over to me and plants her feet on either side of my waist.

“Just a drunk night in college, but I’m hoping it pays off.” I wink at her as she slowly lowers herself down.

“You’ve never had sex with it?” Her pussy hovers an inch above my round head that’s dripping with need.

“No way.” I lean in close and kiss her lips when she lowers slightly. Her soft, wet pussy kisses the end of my cock, taking in the first inch. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

I got the piercing on a bet and never would have done it had I been sober. But my friends dared me, and at the time I wasn’t going to back down. Afterwards I was just thankful my cock still worked and I kind of left it in as a joke. It makes going through airport security interesting and I can’t say it doesn’t feel great when jacking off. But if Nikki isn’t into it, it’s gone.

“If you don’t like how it feels I can take it out,” I say as she slides down another inch and I groan.

She gasps, and I don’t know if it’s the cock ring or the fact that I can feel her virginity break at the same time. I hold her face, kissing her as I try to be still. It takes a moment for her body to relax, and then she’s lowering still. It’s a long, thick road she’s going down, but she saddles up like a professional cowgirl and seats herself on top of me.

“Better?” I ask, and she smiles and bites her lip.

“I-I think I like it.” She looks shyly down to where we’re joined and rocks against me.

I have to grind my teeth to keep from losing control as she moves back and forth.

She gasps again, and this time I feel her pussy squeeze around me as she releases a shaky breath. “I think I’m going to come again.” Her eyes are wide and she’s just as surprised as I am as I reach between us and rub her clit.

“Dean, it’s—oh, God.” She closes her eyes tight and I watch her lean her head back and shout as her pussy contracts and she comes.

“Fuck.” I’m amazed at how good it feels and I want to come with her, but just as I’m about to let go, I feel something tug the end of my cock.

It’s not painful, but it’s like something is caught on the end of my dick. I hold still and Nikki rocks her hips until suddenly her eyes fly open and she stares at me.

“Is that—”

“Are we?”

We both say at the same time. There’s a moment of absolute silence that passes between us as we realize that we just might be stuck together.

“Oh God,” she says as her eyes widen and her face gets redder. “I’m coming again.”

I don’t know much about science, so I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I just try to hold still as another climax rocks her body and my cock gets tugged again.

She tries to sit up and let my cock slide out of her, but every time she does it, another orgasm slams into her. I’m afraid to come because what if it makes it worse? And it’s clear that she can’t control what’s happening to her body right this second.

“What do we do?” she asks with panicked eyes. There’s a light sheen of sweat across her face and she looks scared.

“Stay like this forever?” I joke but then realize that this might not be the right moment for that based on the look she’s giving me. “All right then, sassy, give me your best suggestion.”

“I don’t know, but I can’t move and we’ve got to get out of here. Oh God, I can’t believe this happened.”

I think for a second and realize she’s right. I carefully reach over and snag my pants because we’re going to need help getting out of here. I guess this will make for a great story when we tell our grandchildren how we met.

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