“All I heard was that you’re okay with getting that thing taken out.” My eyes almost pop out of my head. I can’t believe he said that.

“If you would just stop being hard it would go down and you could pull out,” I say through clenched teeth.

“And how in the fuck do you think that’s going to happen? I’m inside this warm, soft pussy that I just popped the cherry out of and then you came all over me!”

“Dean!” Hank and I both shout at the same time.

“What?” He shrugs, almost proud. “The only way I’m getting soft is by coming inside you and I can’t move.”

I clench around his cock and my body loves that idea. When Hank speaks I remember we aren’t alone. How I forgot, I’ll never freaking know. Dean has some weird power over my body.

“All right.” Hank pinches the bridge of his nose. “What I’m hearing is that you either need to get off, or I need to get you out of here and to the hospital.”

“Get off!” Dean shouts.

“Hospital!” I shout at the same time.

I need to get away from Dean and everyone else for a moment. I can’t have sex while someone waits to make sure it all worked out okay. Hank takes out his phone and makes a call.

“All right, it looks like we’re taking door number two. Dean, you’re going to have to pick her up and carry her out to the car. I have no idea what this is going to do, but if it hurts, let’s stop and call the professionals. Okay?”

“Deal,” I agree quickly, and Dean only nods. Hank turns around while we try and get ourselves up and I can’t help the small moans that come from me.

“Stop that,” I whisper-yell at Dean.

“I’m trying real hard, sassy pants.” He fights his own groans as pleasure rocks through me. “It’s not so bad. Just let me finish and we can go back to my place.” There’s teasing to his words, but I don’t know if he’s joking to make me laugh or if he’s serious. Maybe a mix of both.

“Dean,” Hank warns before I actually agree to the idea. He wants to get this over with as fast as I do.

Dean lets out a few curse words until he finally gets us positioned right so I have the blanket over both of us still. Dean isn’t so lucky and the blanket is the best I can do.

“Hold that blanket tight, Nikki,” Hank says as he opens the storage room door for us. “I don’t want to see Dean’s ass.”

When we finally get into the car without anyone seeing us, it’s far from over. It’s almost an hour to the hospital, and although Dean tries to make light of things, each minute I grow more and more tense. I think about how this all went wrong and how this wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought everything would be so perfect the moment I found the one, but our first time together is a disaster. Is this how everything will be for us?

When we get to the hospital, the doctor gives Dean some Valium to relax him. It ends up taking three shots to get his cock to finally soften and I don’t know if I should feel good about how turned on I made him or embarrassed that we had to stay that way while they keep giving him more and more Valium.

He ends up so relaxed he sounds almost drunk. He starts telling everyone he’s going to marry me and that I’m his one true love. It would be sweet if I wasn’t still so embarrassed.

Once we’re disconnected, the nurse takes me into the next room where they remove my IUD to be safe. “He’s going to be okay?” I ask the older nurse who’s been at my side since we got here.

“He’ll be fine once the drugs wear off.” She shakes her head with a smile. I’m sure everyone is laughing about it and maybe one day I might too. But that day isn’t today. “You’re good to go.”

“Thanks,” I say. The nurse leaves and I put my clothes on.

I can still hear Dean next door talking about how he’s going to be the best husband, and my insides melt. But an ache starts to form between my thighs and I need a long bath and some Advil. I know I shouldn’t just leave the hospital, but I can’t stay. I call for a ride and sneak out like a coward. I can’t face him. Not now and maybe not ever.

It isn’t until after a long soak in the tub when I replay what happened that I question if I’ve made a terrible mistake. But if Dean really wants me, he’ll find me.

Chapter Four


Stealing medical records is a crime, but I was a desperate man. The worst part was the only thing I got to see before the nurse caught me and threatened to call the cops was her medical insurance card. I didn’t have time to memorize it, but what I did see was where she worked. One small hint, that’s all I needed.

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