But that still wasn’t enough. I showed up at the dance studio on the card and went inside. Someone at the front desk told me she was working, but when they went to check they said she was gone. I raced outside to find her but only saw a car with a blond driver racing away into the distance.

I drove around for hours, and when I went back to the studio, they were closed. I was at a loss on what to do and where to find her. Then Hank called me and said he needed a wing man to go with him to a wedding and I had no other solution. After we talked we realized we’d both been after these women who crashed the wedding together. The only logical solution was to crash another one to find them. I was grasping here, but I’d do whatever I could. I wasn’t waiting for the dance studio to open back up if I could find her before then.

Hank tells me he’s going to check over by the wedding cake for his woman and I go with my gut and walk toward the dance floor. When I found her the first time she was headed for the DJ booth. Maybe luck is still on my side?

I spot Hank in the distance and see him lock eyes on a woman. I know that he’s found her by the way his stance changes. Holy fuck, could this have actually worked? I turn to see the crowded dance floor. The music is thumping, there’s a sea of people, and I wonder for a second who the hell has this many friends and family?

My irritation is beginning to rise just when a group of people part in the crowd and there she is. Her eyes are closed and her hips are moving to the music. There are people packed in, but she isn’t paying them any attention. She’s listening to the beat and her body is responding to it.

My feet carry me forward without my permission, but I have to go to her. The sight of her here and in front of me all over again is fate screaming at us that this is meant to be. I knew the first time we met that she was the one, but this is the goddamn universe telling us not to fuck with the gift it’s given us.

Without a word I move in behind her and slide in close. Her warm curves mold to me perfectly just before she tenses. “Shh, it’s me,” I say against her neck before I kiss the hollow just below her ear.

“Dean?” The one word is filled with shock and I think maybe a hint of excitement. “How did you find me?”

“I have no damn clue,” I answer honestly as I move to the music.

After just a second of hesitation she begins to move with me and my arms wrap around her waist. The pull that was there before is even stronger now, and as she leans her back to my front, I know that I’m never letting her get away again.

“You ran from me.” It’s a statement of fact.

“I know.” Her words are soft as she looks back at me.

“You’re not doing that ever again.” My grip on her hips tightens and I watch as her eyes close slightly. Her lips part and her tongue darts out to wet them as she presses her ass into my hard cock.

“I know.”

“You’re mine and I’m yours, and if finding you here tonight wasn’t enough of a sign, let me make it perfectly clear.”

I spin her around in my arms and stare at her for a second before I kneel down and take the ring out of my pocket—the one I bought as soon as I got out of the hospital and was on my way to hunting her down. She gasps and the crowd begins to cheer as I take her hand and slip the ring on it.

“Forever,” I say, and she nods, putting her hand over her mouth as the tears begin to form. “Say it, sassy pants. I want to hear the words.”

She laughs, rolling her eyes, and she wipes away a tear. “Forever.”

The crowd around us on the dance floor cheers as I stand up and pull her into my arms. I swing her around as the DJ plays “Celebration.” We don’t know any of these people, but the wedding must be open bar because they’re all hugging us and high-fiving each other. It’s a complete scene, but I’ve only got eyes for my Nikki as I press my lips to hers.

When I feel her tongue touch mine, I know it’s time to get the fuck out of here. The music keeps on going as I carry her off the dance floor and out of the ballroom.

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