“Where are you taking me?” she says, trailing her lips down my neck and I groan.

“Here.” I try the door of a nearby utility closet and it opens.

“Oh God, not again,” she says but makes no move to stop me as I kick the door closed and press her against it.

I’m pushing up her dress and unfastening my pants as I give her a cocky smile. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing in there to try and stop me.” She widens her eyes for a second as if realizing we’re about to have unprotected sex. “Let’s see if you can make me a fiancé and a daddy all in one night.”

She gasps as I thrust into her warm, wet heat all the way to my balls. “Harder, Dean.”

“Anything you ask for, it’s yours.” I move faster and deeper into her as I grab her ass and squeeze it.

I bury my face in her neck as she clings to me, and we are once again desperate for one another. I can’t imagine a moment in my life when I won’t want her just like this every time I look at her, and I plan on spending the rest of my life doing it.

With one look she was my everything and all that I wished for. I’d be a fool to let her slip away and I won’t let that happen again. I pin her hand to the door and look over to see the five carat diamond on her finger sparkling in the light.

“Is it big enough for you?”

She moans and spreads her legs wider as my cock ring rubs her G-spot. A smile pulls at the corner of my mouth when she cries out and climaxes on my dick.

“My turn, sassy pants. Then we’re taking this home. I want to lay you out on a bed and feast on you for days.”

“I love you,” she says as I thrust inside and begin to come.

“I love you too,” I manage to say as everything I have pours into her. My soul connects with hers and I hold her tight while my release bonds us in ways that I never thought possible.

As I come down from my high, I kiss her lips gently and take my time. I don’t want to leave her warmth, but I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to feast on her for days. I’ve got a stocked pantry and a stack of to-go menus. I’m going to get to know every single inch of her body for the rest of our lives.

“I’m hungry,” I say as I bite her bottom lip. “And you’re sweet enough to eat.”



Five years later…


I smile, even with a cock in my mouth. I can’t help myself. He said my name in warning, but I only suck him harder. I’ve been given strict orders that I’m not to suck him until he comes in my mouth. It’s too fun not to try.

Dean grips a handful of my hair and pulls me back. His cock slips from my mouth. “Sweetheart,” he tries again, a pleading look in his face. Our three girls are with Sugar and Hank tonight. Dean had plans to put another baby inside of me. I was down, but first he took me to dinner and then out dancing. Our dancing always ends this way—us both going at each other like it’s our first time all over again. The magic is still alive in us. I know it always will be.

Dean has taught me that not everything in life has to be planned or run along a certain guideline. We can make up the rules as we go, as long as we have fun while we do it and we always do it together. He’s right. Life is more fun that way. Only Dean can make me laugh like no other. We complement each other. We really are a perfect match and I couldn’t be happier. Now when I think about our first night together, it makes me laugh.

“What?” I fake innocence, batting my eyelashes up at my husband. He bends down to pick me up and tosses me onto the bed. I let out a laugh. The dress I have on rides all the way up. My panties have been gone since we got into the car to get back home. I took them off to play with myself while Dean drove. I really can’t help myself when it comes to this man. I enjoy being chased by him and he’s always more than willing to chase me down. Then comes the best part. Getting into trouble.

“Keep them spread, dirty girl.” He points between my legs. “If you wanna play, we’re going to play.” My nipples tighten under my dress. They ache for attention as badly as the rest of me. I keep my legs spread for him. He walks over to his side of the bed and opens his night stand drawer. He pulls out an egg-looking thing and a small remote.

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