“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“My answer relies on it.” Her eyes darken, her pupils dilating as she answers me honestly. I can see the plea in her eyes to not push her boundaries, to not touch the bag of supplies.

She should know better than that.

“Everything, Bethany. I intend on taking full advantage of tonight.”


I’m scared, I can’t deny that. My entire body is alive with both fear and something else. Something sinful.

Every tiny hair on my body, from head to toe, is standing on end. My nipples have hardened and every touch from Jase sends a trail of goosebumps down my body that makes me shiver with hunger for more.

More of his warm breath on my chilled skin, more of his fingers barely touching my sides as he brings them down to my hips.

But only if he answers me. He’d better fucking answer me. We have a deal.

“What kind of business do you do at The Red Room?” I ask him as he turns his attention away from me and reaches to the decanter of ice.

He makes me wait for my answer, but not too long.

“I first created The Red Room as a place to conduct other business. My brother’s business, really.”

His voice is far too low, too soothing and seductive for the information he’s relaying. The ice clinks in the glass before he places a single piece at my lips.

I part my lips, intent on sucking the ice, but he moves it too soon, tracing my lips and then bringing it lower. A cold sensation flows over my skin in a wave.

“Eager thing, aren’t you?” he teases me.

“Fuck you.” The words come out quickly but his are just as quick as he says, “Only when you beg me, cailín tine.” I don’t know why he calls me that, cailín tine. Or what it means. And I hate that I swallow down my curiosity rather than ask him. But I want him to answer my damn question.

“My brother was dealing. Drugs, guns, all sorts of things,” he tells me and my focus returns to the one reason I have to allow this. The one logical reason I’d ever willingly put myself in this situation. Jenny.

I ready myself for another question to clarify, but Jase places a finger over my lips. His touch is so hot compared to the ice. “I’m still answering. Let me tell you everything,” he whispers.

He runs another cube from the dip just below my throat, down the center of my chest. His hand brushes my breast until he brings the ice farther, all the way to my belly button, circling it and then moving lower still, letting it sit just where my thighs meet.

The ice itself is numbingly cold, sending a spike of awareness through my body. But it’s the path that I’m so highly aware of. Each trail leaves a bit of water behind and the air cools it, causing every nerve ending there to prepare to spark.

Even though he lets the ice linger at the top of my pussy, he’s quick to repeat the pattern, and I don’t know how it’s possible, but it makes my body feel even hotter. My toes curl on the third round, and my core heats.

All I can do is turn my head, close my eyes and my fists, and try not to let the ice excite me.

It’s an impossible feat, though.

In between every round, he gives me more information, and occasionally asks me insignificant things. Things I don’t mind answering, all the while Jase promises to tell me more. It’s not quite tit for tat, since he’s giving me more and more information about The Red Room and what happened to make it become what it is, all while asking me simple questions that don’t require more than one-word answers. But he’s gauging how my body reacts when I tell the truth. Taking the time to learn my body. My only response to that is that I’m not a liar. I don’t have the time to tell him that though as he continues to feed me information.

“I enjoyed the control. Knowing when and where everyone would meet up. Giving them a space where they could enjoy themselves, and observing them in the meantime. I wanted to know the ins and outs of every partner we had. I wanted their secrets…”

I can barely breathe as he gives me his past so easily, all while bringing the mostly melted ice down farther than he ever has to my pussy, and gently pushing it inside of me. My lips make a perfect O as every nerve ending in my body lights.

He continues his story as my lips part, feeling the rush of desire spark inside of my body. “So we could blackmail them. I used the bar to set everyone up to owe us in some way, or to have information we could use against both our partners and our enemies. In this industry, everyone is an enemy at some point, and we would be ready the second anyone thought they could turn their backs on us.”

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