She doesn’t just calm down; that wouldn’t fit the woman she is. She’s intense and wrought with emotion. She feels everything in exaggerated stages.

Every second that passes, the air gets hotter around us.

Each breath she takes picks up its pace.

After loosening my tie, I remove the last few pieces of silverware from the table, placing it easily on the table to our right.

“Sit here.” My hand splays on the barren table in front of me. My palm is flat against the surface. “Right here,” I say and pat the table again, closer to the edge this time and although she’s slow, she obeys. Climbing onto the table, she’s fully clothed. The blush that creeps up her cheeks is an indication that she knows damn well she won’t be staying that way.

“Come closer,” I command once she’s on all fours on top of the table and when she’s close enough, I position her body how I want it, feeling the race of adrenaline and desire run through my pulse.

“Jase.” My name is merely lust wrapped in words that don’t matter. “I really am sorry.”

“I have a question for you,” I say, and I don’t bother accepting or denying her apology. “Are you terrified of me? Or of what I could do to you?” I ask her, placing my forearms on the table on either side of her. She’s close to me, her luscious curves within reach. Her pouty lips near mine, ready to capture. But I don’t kiss her. Not yet.

“Both,” she admits and I don’t blame her.

“I’ve done terrible things in my life. It makes sense you’d be afraid,” I admit, feeling a crease in my forehead as her expression stays etched with concern. “But leading with fear is a bad move to make.”

“I know,” she whispers just beneath her breath. “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. I’m angry, I’m lost and I’m terrified.”

“I’ll be angry alongside you. I’ll find you a way. I’ll make sure there’s not a damn thing that will touch you. Nothing should scare you when you’re with me.” Reaching out, I cup her chin in my hand, feeling her smooth skin and continuing to caress her when she presses her cheek into my embrace. “Even me. I shouldn’t scare you.”

“Knowing how much I want to be around you is terrifying in itself. Which is ridiculous, all things considered.” Her eyes open on her last point, her thick lashes barely revealing her eyes beneath them.

With one leg on either side of me, I press my fingers against her pussy, through the fabric that separates our skin and she keeps her eyes on mine, but her head falls back just slightly.

“Already hot,” I comment. “Are you already wet for me too?”

She only nods and as I open my lips, moving closer to her to reprimand her for not answering verbally, she halts any inclination I have to do so.

She kisses me first. Without warning. Surprised, I moan into her mouth, feeling my rigid cock twitch with need to be inside of her. This greedy woman who takes from me when no one else would dare to do so.

“Even when you’re in trouble, you still defy me and take from me.”

She only answers with the hint of smile.

“You like to be the first to kiss, don’t you?” I ask her.

“It’s my call.” I don’t bother to hide the smirk that lurks on my lips.

I don’t bother to hide the lust either as I answer her, “It was going to happen anyway.”

“I could have run, I could bite you, or deny you.”

“Why would you?” I ask her with genuine curiosity, my lips just barely away from hers.

“That’s what people do when they’re scared, Jase. You should know that by now.”

Words catch in my throat, tightening it and warring with each other inside of me. “Strip” is the only one that manages to escape.

“Jase.” I watch her swallow, I can even hear it before she tells me, “They’ll see. Anyone could see from the door.”

“I don’t give a shit about anyone but you right now.”

Words are lost to her as we stare into each other’s eyes until I tell her, “Any man who dared to look through that door would die.”

Her breath hitches and her thighs tighten at my words.

“Does that make you hot?” I ask her, feeling my own desire rising.

She nods as she whispers yes. I allow my gaze to wander down her body, although it stops too soon as I focus on her breasts when she pulls her sweater over her head. Through the tank top underneath, I see her pebbled nipples.

“Maybe he’d get a glimpse of you cumming with my lips between your legs.”

Leaning in closer, I whisper in her ear as she pulls the straps of her tank top down, “What a way to die… for that to be the last thing he sees.”

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