The exhale she releases is tempting, but I maintain control. I don’t touch her again as she peels off every bit of clothing and lies bared to me, pushing her bra off the table for it to fall carelessly on the floor below with its companions.

Both of my hands grip her hips and I pull her closer to me. Keeping her gaze with mine, I lower my lips to her swollen nub and suck. With a single lick of her sweet cunt, I go back to her clit, sucking it until she’s letting those sweet sounds flow into the air.

Her body rocks, her hands spear my hair. I love the way her nails scratch me as she gets closer and closer.

I have to remind myself that this is a punishment. I can’t get lost in her.

The moment her back arches and her bottom lip drops with a deep moan, I pull away from her, smacking the inside of her thigh to take her away from the edge of her forbidden fall.

“No,” I tell her. With flushed cheeks, she stares back at me breathlessly and wordlessly. “You don’t get to cum tonight.”

As she blinks away the haze of lust and confusion, my middle finger plays at her folds, spreading her arousal as I talk. “I will play with you, fuck you, and get myself off with the things I plan to do with you. But you will not cum.”

All I can hear is her single breath before she nods.


“I understand.”

Rewarding how easily she accepts the punishment, I plant a kiss on the bright red patch of skin on her inner thigh. And then another, traveling up her body, over the curve of her waist and then higher. Standing up and dragging my open-mouth kisses up her neck, I unbutton my pants, letting them and my boxers drop to the floor so I can stroke myself.

“On your back,” I command her and pull my shirt over my head. She positions herself with her heels on the edge of the table and her back flat against the tabletop.

She struggles not to lift her head and watch me as I undress entirely.

I can’t resist toying with her breasts, plucking her nipples and pulling them back to bring those sweet sounds to leave her.

Her pussy clenches around nothing. I watch her, hot and flushed, ready to be fucked. The taste of her and red wine still remain on my tongue.

“You’re taking this punishment well,” I commend her and then pull her ass closer to me, nearly falling off the edge of the table.

She starts to answer, but I grip her hips in my hand and slam myself inside her. Fuck, she feels too fucking good. I can’t close my eyes even though my body begs me to enjoy the rapture of pleasure fully and do so.

Her neck arches and her eyes scrunch as her heat clenches around me. The table jostles with the thrust of my hips and her breasts sway as I fuck her. I’m careful not to allow her to enjoy herself fully.

Her hands move to her breasts, her nipples barely peeking through her fingers as she gets close, inching her way toward her release.

I pull out fully, instantly missing her warmth.

She whimpers and struggles to stay still as I step back. It’s hard to keep my breathing controlled, even harder to do it again, fucking her relentlessly on the table and stopping just before she reaches her climax.

The third time, I lower my body close to hers, feeling my skin heat and needing to be closer to her. She doesn’t kiss me when I bring my lips close to hers this time.

She pushes her head back against the table, so I drag my teeth along her throat and up to the shell of her ear, loving how she moans even though she knows she’ll be left wanting yet again.

“This is what a punishing fuck is,” I hiss as I pound into her again and stay buried deep inside of her as I almost lose myself in the moment. “I take all my pleasure,” I push the words through clenched teeth as I move myself slowly out of her and then slam all the way back in.

A strangled cry leaves her and she drags her nails down my back. The mix of pleasure and pain nearly has me finding my release too soon. I’m not ready for it to be over though, not by a mile.

“I get my pleasure, and you get nothing,” I whisper in her ear as the intensity of the pleasure stirring inside of me subsides. Only then am I able to pull away from her enough to look her in the eye.

Daggers stare back at me, but not in anger. I can see the challenge clearly written on her face. My poor cailín tine has no idea how painful orgasm denial is. To be taken to the highest high each time, finding the edge of release so close, only to have it ripped away from you and the waves of pleasure yanked from you.

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