“I dream about the noises you make when you get off. I want to hear those sounds over and over again,” I tell her and then recklessly fuck her, feeling the stir of my climax approaching in time with hers. Only to pull away at the last second.

“No,” this time she whimpers and her body rolls to the side, wanting to get away. “Please,” she begs me, her face pained.

“How can I reward either of us with that, when you don’t listen to me? When you fight me every step of the way?”

She visibly swallows and tells me she’s sorry again. I’m not interested in an apology.

I fuck her again, listening to the sound of me fucking her, of the table banging against the floor as my movements get stronger with my own needs taking over.

I suck in a deep breath as I pull away again. She can’t resist touching herself, knowing it’s only a small touch she’ll need at this point and I grip her wrists, pulling them away and pinning them to the table.

The frustration, even the contempt, show in her expression. “Keep your hands here.” My voice is deep and the threat is there. I can tell she’s biting her tongue and I love it. I love taming my wild girl.

“Let me be very clear. I would have loved to get lost inside of you and give you every pleasure imaginable. But I will not be made a fool, Bethany. Do you understand?”

“I’m not a fucking idiot.”

“You put a knife against my chest,” I rebut. “That doesn’t make you a smart woman, does it?”

“I’m sorry,” she tells me again and her gaze falls to my chest, but I grip her chin, stealing her attention back to what matters.

“Do you think words are enough? Words are meaningless.”

She shakes her head. “I can’t go back. What more do you want from me?” She screams her question, the hoarse words ricocheting in the restaurant.

Even now she pushes me. She’ll never stop. I know she won’t. The fire inside of her will never die.

And I love it. I will live for the moments she defies me.

Knowing that to be the truth, I pin her hands above her head when I thrust inside of her this time and push my chest to hers. My muscles scream and a cold sweat breaks out along my back as I rut between her legs, hard and deep, listening to her strangled cries of pleasure.

I nearly don’t stop. I nearly ruin the punishment, but fate would have me go through with it. The leg of the table that’s closest to me, buckles and breaks. Forcing us to fall as the table crashes to the floor.

Silencing her scream with a desperate kiss, I pull her body on top of mine as my back falls against the broken wood. With an arm wrapped around her back, I roll over to lay her on the floor.

I only take a moment to make sure she’s all right, and her response is to writhe under me, begging me to keep fucking her.

I slam myself as hard and deep as I can inside of her and stay right there. She claws at the floor, screaming and moaning with nothing to silence her cries.

Watching her gasp for air and struggling to contain herself, I push the question out with what little control I have left. “Tell me what you really think of me.”

I shouldn’t have asked and it shouldn’t matter, but in this moment, being inside of her and having her at my mercy, I need to know. More than anything else, I need to know the truth.

She struggles not to thrash under me as I rub her clit, still buried inside of her. “Tell me the truth, cailín tine.”

“I love you,” she practically screams the repressed truth and I still. My body tenses, even as she continues to thrash beneath me, heaving in air and still pushing me away, although weakly.

I have to move. Before I lose myself inside her, and before she says anything else.

She loves me.

I fuck her with long strokes, each of them penetrating her as deeply as I can and pulling out until I’m barely inside of her.

Each time she lets out a moan of sudden pleasure and then her eyes seek mine, wanting more, needing me again and again.

I draw out her release, teasing her like this and nipping her lips. All the while hearing her say those words over and over in my head. She loves me.

She whispers it again, right when her pussy tightens and she cries out her orgasm.

When I finally feel my own release, I sink my teeth into her neck, not biting her, but needing to do something so I don’t groan out words I’ll regret.

The haze of desire fades slowly and then all at once when I sit up, pulling myself away from her, and she finally looks me in the eyes.

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