“You want to know why I want you?” she questions me as I grip her ass, one cheek in each hand and pull her up to me before stepping into the shower with her.

She gasps from the contrast of the hot water and the cold tile as I press her against the wall, but still keep us under the stream.

The warm water flows over my skin and it feels like heaven. Being cleansed and still having her in my grasp must be what heaven is like.

“Why?” I groan the word in the crook of her neck and then let my teeth drag down her skin, just to feel her squirm.

“Because you make me feel alive. You make me feel like everything matters and yet, nothing but you does.”

I have to pull away to look down at her. Her hair’s darker and wet, slick against her flushed skin.

Looking up at me through her thick lashes, I bring my lips just millimeters from hers and tell her, “You’re damn right, nothing but us matters.” Then I slam myself inside of her, letting her scream in pleasure in the hot stream. Her nails dig into my skin as I thrust inside of her, loving the feel of her tightening around my cock as she gets closer and closer.

Steadying her in my grasp, I keep my pace ruthless and deep as she bites into my shoulder to muffle her screams. I’d admonish her, forcing her to let me hear all the sweet noises she makes, but the hint of pain makes the pleasure that much more intense.

So I fuck her harder, silently begging her to bring me more of both the pleasure and the pain.


“Anything you want, is yours.”

“You make big promises,” I tell Jase as I follow him down the end of the hall. He keeps calling it a “wing” though. He says it’s his wing of the estate.

Makeup sex is a real thing. There must be something special that happens to your brain when you have makeup sex. I’m convinced of it. I bet a decade of research could prove a thing or two to support that thought.

The kind of makeup sex that leaves you sore the day after. The kind of sore I am now.

“Anything within reason. Does that make you feel better?” he asks with a grin growing on his face. I can’t help but to reach up and brush my thumb against his jaw.

He tells me lowly, “I need to shave,” before I can sneak a small kiss that makes me rise up onto my tiptoes. A deep groan of satisfaction comes from his chest when I kiss him again.

“I like the stubble,” I comment softly as we stop at the entrance to what looks like a library, one that’s worthy of a museum. The antique weapons housed on a bookshelf full of creased leather spines and unique coverings draw me in.

Wow doesn’t do it justice.

“The fireplace is real. It’s from a castle in Ireland,” he says as he walks to it on the other side of the room while my fingers trail down a set of old books with red covers. “Not like the glass one in the other room.”

“Fireplaces seem to be your thing,” I speak without really thinking about the words as my gaze drifts from one shelf to the next. “You like to read?” He nods. “And collect weapons?” I tilt my head at the knives on display. The bottoms of the blades have rust that extends to the handles.

“Yes,” he answers and reaches out to gently caress my hip as I lean against him. The more I touch him, the more he touches me. Tit for tat, like all things with us.

“Where’s your desk?” I ask, noting how it looks like a combination of a sitting room and office. “There should be a desk in here.” The room has a primitive air to it, dark and cavernous with a large rug on the floor and walls covered with shelves.

“My office is at the bar. Not here. This is just for me.” I lift my fingers from the books at his last comment until he adds, “And you, if you like it. You can come in here whenever you’d like.”

I can imagine listening to the crackles of the fire as I turn the pages of The Coverless Book. “I think I’d enjoy that.”

“Good, let me show you the rest.”

Today is apparently the day Jase forces me to go on a tour. Between the gym, the cigar room and the billiard room, all three of which look entirely unused and are outfitted with as much dark polished wood as they are wealth, I’m not sure what Jase does as a hobby.

The only room he truly seems to enjoy is the office that’s not an office… and the fire room. Which I’ve already explored with him.

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