“Nope. I’m not swayed that way. They can try, but I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Good,” he said, and slipped his arm around her. It felt natural.

It was darker out—the start of a few scant hours of darkness. It wasn’t completely summer yet. The end of June would bring about the really long days.

Evelyn stared up at the sky. Just over the harbor there was the faint ripple of the northern lights, but the dwindling dusk and city lights obscured them, stopping the truly stunning display they could’ve made.

“Oh,” she whispered, staring up at them in awe. “I’d forgotten about them too. It’s been so long.”

“They’re beautiful. I never tire of them,” he said dreamily.

“Le´elk’w told me they’re the spirits of the departed dancing.”

“I heard you’re supposed to whistle at them to make them dance.”

Evelyn frowned. “But I heard that some Inuit in Canada believe whistling at them means the spirits will come down and grab you. Don’t whistle.”

“Okay. I wouldn’t want to be grabbed.”

Evelyn chuckled. “No, neither would I.”

They stood there in silence, just staring up at the green ripple of northern lights, his arm still around her.

It had felt so good when he’d placed his arm around her, and when his hand had been in the small of her back. Maybe it was the wine talking, but if Derek had been the bait, and if she’d been a different person, then she would have jumped at the job John was so slyly offering her.

Evelyn took a step forward, and before she knew what was happening she was lost in those gray-green eyes and swept up into a kiss that was tender at first but then, as she melted into his arms, became more intense. It felt so right, so good.

What are you doing? This isn’t smart.

She broke off the kiss and pushed him away. “Sorry,” she said breathlessly.

Derek glanced down at her, saw her staring up at him. “What?”

Embarrassed, she looked away. “Nothing—just tired.”


“Okay, let’s get back to the hotel so you can get some rest. It’ll be a busy day tomorrow.”

Evelyn nodded and they walked back to the hotel. His arm was by his side, the magic of the moment broken, but it was good that it had been shattered.

Derek was off limits.

She just wished she could remember that and stop testing fate.


EVELYN SPENT THE day mostly by herself, getting ready for Jennifer’s arrival at the hospital in the afternoon, because there were no staff in Patient Intake working on a Sunday and she had refused to let John call one in. She’d told Joe to text her when they arrived so that she could meet them in the lobby and explain everything.

She hadn’t seen Derek in the morning, but she’d left him a note at the front desk to let him know that she’d taken a cab over to the hospital. That kiss was still burned onto her lips, but she was nervous about seeing him. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to control herself around him. His kiss had made her completely melt and she wanted more. So much more.

It was for the best that she ignored him and focused on work.

That was why she was here.

Dr. Pearson had made himself scarce, and she was glad for that. The resident she’d been assigned was more than capable.

She had the NICU team on standby, and an operating room available to her should she need it, but she was hoping that she wouldn’t.

Sometimes there was no reason at all for intrauterine growth restriction, and even though the baby would be born prematurely, with some health complications, there was still a very high chance that the baby would grow up to be a healthy adult.

That was if there was no chromosomal inconsistencies in this amniotic fluid draw, and Evelyn was really hoping that there wasn’t.

Her phone buzzed and she saw that Joe had sent a message to say that they were in the lobby. Evelyn took one last look around the exam room where she’d be doing the work and then made her way down.

As it was Sunday the main lobby of the hospital was pretty empty because there were no scheduled procedures. It was the other side of the hospital that housed the emergency room, and that was always busy.

Jennifer was in a wheelchair, and Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that. It meant that Jennifer was taking her advice on bed-rest.

“Joe, Jennifer, I’m so glad you made it.”

Joe nodded, and Jennifer was smiling, but Evelyn could tell she was scared out of her mind.

“Thanks for doing this, Evie,” Joe said.

“It’s no problem. I’m just glad we’re able to do it—and so quickly. I’m sorry it’s so far from Wolf’s Harbor, but this is for the best.”

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