Even if it was for just one night.

She stood up and he touched her face, pushing back her hair before leaning down and kissing her.

Only this time there was no interruption. This time the light kiss which had ignited the flame when she’d first arrived burned hotter, deeper, as he pulled her tight against him, his arms around her as his tongue slipped past her lips, turning her legs to jelly.

She wanted to be close to him. Nothing between them. If she was going to have him only once she wanted to savor it, even if a part of her was telling her right now that once would never be enough.

She broke off the kiss, closing her eyes and reveling in the feeling of Derek’s strong hands over her body.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered.

“I won’t unless you want me to,” Derek said against her ear, which caused a shiver of delight to course down her spine.

She wanted Derek to possess her.

His kisses trailed down from her ear to her neck and to her collarbone, his hands caressing her breasts under her scrub shirt.

“Too many clothes,” Derek muttered.

“I can help with that.”

Evelyn unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his bare chest, then worked on his belt, pulling it out of the loops and snapping it as she tossed it over her shoulder. It caused his breath to hitch in his throat as she slipped her hands down the front of his jeans.

He slid his hand down her back and cupped her bottom. “You’re taking too long,” he moaned.

He pulled her close, kissing her, then pushed her away, pulling down his jeans so he was naked in front of her.

She ran her hands over him, felt his body stiffening under her touch.

“Your turn,” he whispered.

She pulled off her shirt and shimmied out of her leggings. Derek stepped forward and removed her bra, leaving her in her pink cotton underwear.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, sliding his hand down the front of her undies and stroking her. Making her moan in pleasure. Then he moved his hand and she took off her underwear, so she was standing there naked, exposed to him.

“You’re blushing,” he murmured, touching her cheek.

“It’s been a while for me.”

He smiled at her. “Me too.”

He cupped her breast and the heat from his skin seared her flesh, making her body ache with need. Her body was so sensitive and she was completely lost to him. No man had ever had such control over her senses. It was scary and thrilling at the same time.

Derek scooped her up and carried her to the bed, pinning her to the mattress. Each time his fingers skimmed her flesh her body ignited. She wanted more from him. She wanted to catch fire and burn.

He stroked between her legs, making her wet with need, and her hips thrust up at him as he touched her.

“I need you, Evelyn.”

“I want you too,” she murmured. “There’s a condom in my bag by the nightstand.”

He rolled away and found the condom. She helped him put it on, stroking him.

Derek pressed her against the pillows and settled between her thighs, the tip of his erection pressing against her. He thrust into her quickly, filling her and making her cry out, cling to him.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.


He made her feel like she’d never felt before.

“You feel so damn good.”

Derek began to thrust and Evelyn urged him to go harder and faster. He unleashed something inside her. Something she’d never felt before. A coil of heat was unfurling in her, singeing her soul and possessing her.

Then it came—pleasure like she’d never had before. And she clung to Derek, crying out as she came. Derek quickened his pace and joined her, then held still over her, breathing heavily before slipping out of her and rolling to his side, his eyes closed.

Evelyn curled up next to him, felt his arm around her. They said nothing, because exhaustion had won over the euphoria, and as Evelyn drifted off to sleep she realized she was falling hard for Derek.

Heck, she’d already fallen hard for him.

She was angry at herself. He was vulnerable and she’d taken advantage of him. She was the worst. She didn’t want a family because she didn’t want to lose it. She knew that pain all too well.

But another part of her wanted it all. She was lonely and she was tired of running. She was tired of having no place to call home.

This could be your home?

She rolled on her side away from him.

She couldn’t have it.

She couldn’t risk it.

Why not?

And she rolled back to look at him, watching him sleep and recalling the way his lips had felt against hers, feeling the taste of him still branded there. She touched her lips, as if trying to imprint the feeling onto her fingertips.

Maybe she could stay?

There was nothing stopping her. Maybe, just maybe, she could be happy if she’d just take the chance.

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