“The sign is crooked.”

Derek squinted up at the sign. “It is not. It’s fine.”

“Hmm…” She rubbed her belly as the baby kicked. “It’s almost time to pick up Mo from school, isn’t it?”

“Yep—you want to walk down together? I’m done for the day and I’m letting Janet handle the nurse interviews over Skype. She’ll pick good ones.”

Evelyn nodded and took Derek’s hand as they walked down Main Street toward the school. “Martha is taking online courses to get her nursing degree.”

“That’s great. But I don’t know how she’s managing that and taking care of her little girl. Ever since her little one started walking she’s been rambunctious. Do you know how many stitches I’ve had to put in that kid’s head?”

Evelyn laughed. “Jocelyn said she keeps her on her toes. It’ll be nice to have more young families here. This hospital is breathing new life into Wolf’s Harbor.”

Derek nodded. “I just hope no one makes fun of Joe the Third.”

Evelyn laughed. “Why would they?”

“Joe the Third?”

Evelyn chuckled again. “Yeah, well, it’s a tradition.”

“I don’t think Katlian was too pleased with having to hand you over to me, though.”

“Léelk’w likes you—and she loves Mo.”

“Mo loves her.”

“Léelk’w’s heart has always had room for all her family.”

Derek kissed her hand. “I’m just glad she’s not giving me too much of a hard time anymore.”

They stopped at the school yard just as the bell rang and Mo came running out of the small community school, her purple backpack a dead giveaway as she ran toward them.

“Dad! Evie!”

Mo ran past Derek and went to greet the baby first, before kissing her father and then Evelyn.

“Did you have a good day?”

“Yep! And I ate all my lunch. Can we go to Sally’s?”

“I think so,” Derek said.

“Yes! Ice cream!” Mo said, pumping her fist.

“Not ice cream. Not before dinner,” Derek said.

“I could do with some ice cream,” Evelyn teased.

Derek rolled his eyes. “Fine. Ice cream.”

“Yes! Ice cream!” Mo shouted again, fist-pumping harder.

“Who taught you to fist-pump?” Evelyn asked as they walked away from the school toward Sally’s.

“Léelk’w,” Mo said.

“Of course she did,” Derek said dryly.

Mo skipped ahead and Derek followed close behind her, while Evelyn walked slowly, her heart swelling as she watched her little family run ahead. The baby in her belly kicked and she smiled, rubbed where the baby had kicked.

She wasn’t sure what Mo was going to think about having a baby brother…

She was definitely not calling him Joe the Fourth.

Thorne was good option.

She smiled as Derek picked up Mo and swung her around.

Maybe Derek Jr.?

There was time still to name the baby.

She picked up her pace to catch up with her family.

She was glad that she had finally found her place.

She was glad that she was finally home.

* * * * *

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