He squeezes some out and rubs it all over the butt plug, then says in a low, deep voice that I now recognize as desire, “Relax, while I play.”

I suck in a deep, deep breath. Knowing this plug is bigger than the others we’ve used so far. A little bit apprehensive but mostly just curious what having him inside me will feel like. Ryker takes his time. Using his fingers first. Sometimes playing with my pussy and rubbing my clit to keep me excited.

There’s no chance of me becoming unexcited.

I dreamed about this last night. Woke up wet and horny. Sat through graduation and dinner with my parents still fantasizing about it. We’ve watched porn together a few times and I like the ones where the man enters her ass as they lie side by side, then pulls her on top of him. I don’t know why that position excites me so much. Maybe because the guy usually reaches around to stroke her pussy as he fucks her. Maybe because her legs are open and she’s exposed because the guy is underneath her.

I’m not sure, but I hope we try that position today.

“Are you ready?” Ryker asks, rubbing his hand up and down the cheek of my ass.

I nod, then say, “Yes.”

He begins by rocking the butt plug back and forth into my asshole. “Relax,” he says, as he steps to the side a little and begins caressing my breast. They are full and hanging down, my nipples peaked and tight. He pushes the plug into the firm muscles, finding resistance, but I exhale and close my eyes and the tip enters me.

It’s thicker than the other plug and I can feel the difference immediately. But it’s not nearly as wide as Ryker’s cock. There’s a moment of pain and doubts creep in. Like maybe this is a mistake and maybe we should do this another time.

But then it’s all the way in and I remember why I asked for this to begin with.

“I love that,” I say.

He takes a step back and caresses my ass cheeks with both hands, then says. “It’s beautiful, Aria. You’re beautiful. Do you want to see what you look like? How I see you right now?”

I bite my lip and nod. “Yes.”

A few seconds later he snaps a pic with his phone and then sits down on the couch beside me, sinking into the couch cushions. “Look,” he says, holding up the phone.

I don’t move. I stay just as he wants me. But I turn my head a little to see the image.

My legs are open and I’m bent over enough so the lips of my pussy are clearly visible. And just above them is the diamond-shaped jeweled handle pressed flat up against my asshole.

I look away and up at Ryker. Find him smiling. “I look pretty sexy,” I say.

“You’re so sexy, I want to fuck you in the ass right now.”

“Will you?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “No, not yet. I want you to suck my cock, Aria. Get down on your knees, take it out, and put it as deep inside your mouth as you can.”

He hasn’t let me do that yet. All my blow jobs so far have come with restrictions. Just the tip, Aria. Just the head, Aria. Just lick my shaft, Aria. Never has he let me take him any farther than that.

I do as he requests. Get down on my knees and pull his shirt out of his pants and start unbuttoning it. I have to lean forward to get the top buttons so I use that opportunity to kiss him on the mouth. He grins and kisses me back. But he takes my hands and returns them to the buckle on his belt.

My forearm is resting on his upper leg, over the top of his long, thick cock. He’s not wearing underwear today and it’s so long it stretches down the length of his thigh.

His belt buckle jingles as I undo it. Then I pop the button of his slacks, pull his zipper down, and reach inside to grab his cock. He hisses, and I watch his face as I take him out and hold him in my fist.

I lean down with my mouth open and put his entire swollen head inside my mouth. His hand immediately goes to my head, twisting my long hair in his fingertips as he urges me to go down on him. I gag a little, but breathe through my nose as I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can and then part of his shaft is inside me and I feel the warm, tingling wetness between my legs as I take him just a little bit more.

He repositions his body. Sliding his hips down towards the edge of the couch so he can see me better. We lock eyes and both of us smile.

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