“Please,” Old Chief says. “Help yourselves. There are many to go around.”

Miguel looks like a kid with a five dollar bill in the candy store.

David snarls at the girl that puts her hand on his arm, her breasts huge enough to suffocate a man in his sleep. Miguel snatches at her hand and pulls her on to his lap. David watches as Miguel begins to suck on her breasts. The woman looks bored. Miguel rubs her clit and she moans but it’s obviously an act.

It is miserable.

A redhead crawled over on all fours, her head snaking up Old Chiefs lap, joining the brunette who was lapping at his sorry excuse of a cock like she was starving. The red hair gleamed in the sunlight from the French windows behind the sofa. It burned, fire and boiling gold.

David watched her lithe body glide up till she was flush against the Old Chief, her dark pink nipples hard and huge. Breastfed baby at home, David thought; wonder if it’s a boy.

The Old Chief’s cock is twitching and he holds the face of the brunette down, pressing it upon his disgorging member, his lips locked firmly with the redheads. The Brunette comes up for air, her lips smeared with old man junk. The redhead, still kissing Old Chief, straddled him, her round butt cheeks, plump and spankable, quiver slightly as she descends and takes the man’s still hard cock inside her.

All hail Viagra, David sneered. He’s seen enough. He snatches the bag off the floor where Miguel dropped it; the busty woman riding him and moaning dramatically, her swinging breasts in Miguel’s face.

David kicks Miguel in the shins lightly to get his attention.

“We’re leaving,” he says.

“Oh come on man!” Miguel protests but David snarls and Miguel pushes the woman off of him, his dick shiny and hard from the busty woman’s juices. Miguel nearly trips in his haste to pull up his pants and follow David who is already out the door.

David doesn’t like the deal, he doesn’t like the stupid old farts who think they’re the kings of the world with every creature at their feet. They’re sick men who want to hunt Aborigines in Australia, Pygmies in Congo and Shifter’s in their ‘natural habitat.’

When Miguel had told him about it he had wanted to hit him across the head. But he figured if he didn’t do it someone else would and he needed the money. Not for some selfless thing like a mother in the hospital or to save his dad from cancer. Both his parents are dead. He needed it for himself because he thinks he deserves a break in this stupid life.

“I’ll go check on the cabin.”

“But the money,” Miguel protests. He tries to take the bag from David but he growls under his throat. Miguel knows better than to mess with a WereTiger.

“My money goes where I go,” David says. “Here,” he hands Miguel a thick bundle of cash. “That’s for your small part in this.”

“Come on man!” Miguel shouts. “This isn’t fair!”

David pins him against the hotel building, his muscular forearm on Miguel’s windpipe.

“Not fair?” he growls, “I’ll tell you what’s not fair. These old farts coming to hunt my kind and you having the balls to come and ask me to help kill them. I do all the work and you expect to get half just for getting me a connection? Is that the long and short of it, Miguel?”

He can’t answer. David’s cutting off his air supply so he nods. His eyes are bulging.

“Do you think that’s fair?”

Shake of the head.

“Good,” David lets him go. “I’m glad we agree.”

David leaves him to piss his pants. He can still smell Miguel’s fear and ammonia when he reaches his car.

Chapter Three

Luckless Lucy in the Woods

My new home is a dump. Sonya prattled on about how it was a ‘work in progress,’ she failed to mention it was a piece of crap property that looked like an old turd had been left to dry in the sun. It was modest. The living room was large and after we got rid of the rat colony under the floorboards it was also inhabitable.

Diesel did most of the grunt work. He carried my sofa in while Sonya and I twaddle behind with a cushion a piece. I hung my Bon Jovi poster over my bed to cover the peeling wallpaper. Sonya made a meal on my stove while little Forrest toddled between her legs trying his best to topple her over.

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