Page 11 of Breaking His Rules

I’m humming to myself as I throw on another pair of loose cotton shorts, a bralette, and an oversized tee shirt. When I’m home comfort is first and foremost though. I’m pretty sure most girls would be dressing to impress in their barely there clothing, but that’s not who I am.

I walk back into the kitchen and smell the food wafting in the air and see Evan in his signature gym shorts and nothing else. I take in his back. Its defined much like the rest of him is. If any man could be categorized as beautiful, Evan Jackson would be at the top of the list. He has those dimples above his ass. Don’t even get me started on his butt. It’s perfect and well defined too.

He’s the whole package and I’m the lucky one in this relationship that’s for sure.

“Dinner smells good, thank you for picking it up. I promise tomorrow I’ll cook dinner,” I tell him as he turns around. I’m stunned into silence. Every time I see Evan it only seems to get better. The way he wraps me up in his warmth. It makes me feel safe and cherished in a way I haven’t felt in years.

“Baby, I don’t mind picking up dinner. I know you’re exhausted,” he tells me as he brings the plates to the kitchen table.

Evan understands my need to be independent and not ask for handouts. He’s not once tried to persuade me to allow him to give me a raise, so I could take on lesser hours or if the hours aren’t there for me to work a double shift and it’s someone else’s turn, he plays fair, something I’m appreciative for.

“I know, Honey, but you’ve done this the past two nights now. I want to do something for you,” I tell him honestly. I finally take a look at our plates and see he got us ribs, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. My mouth is already salivating.

“You can cook tomorrow, ‘Lo, just don’t expect to be out of bed early in the morning. I plan on keeping you up tonight and want you sleeping as much as you can tomorrow,” Evan all but growls out.

I dive back into our dinner, making a mess, and laughing through our stories.



Seeing Harlow’s smile as we stood side by side in the kitchen cleaning up our dinner. It was something I knew I could get used to. After spending so much time at Harlow’s place, it feels more like a home than the rental I’m staying in. I’m here more than I am there anymore and it brings a smile to my face.

When we finish I go to the front door, making sure it’s locked and flipping the switches off as I make my way back to Harlow. I stop in front of her and grab her hips. I find my hands are constantly on her in some way.

“Ready for bed ‘Lo?” I question her. She nods her head yes and I lean down and grasp the back of her thighs, cradling her in my arms as she wraps her legs around my hips and carry her down the hall. Her lips graze my neck and I have to take a few breaths to keep from slamming her against the wall and taking her the way I’ve been dreaming of the past month.

We make it to her room, just barely. Her tongue running up and down my neck tasting me in every way she can. I won’t take her tonight, but I’ll be making sure she feels good. Even if I don’t take care of myself. It’ll all be worth it to finally have her taste on my tongue.

I throw her on the bed as she lets out a laugh. My fingers dive into her hair and I devour her lips, she’s fighting for dominance, but I won’t allow it. My hips pin her down and she grinds up into my cock.

I make my way down her neck, pulling her shirt over her head. I want her naked. I want to lick my path down to where I truly want to be. When my hand glides down her side, she shivers in response.

“Please, Evan,” she moans. My dreams are about to come true; she’s begging for more and I’m about to see all of her on display. Just for me. I want my tongue and fingers inside her, I want to be the only man that ever knows her body inside and out.

I strip her down, “Damn, Harlow. You’re so fucking beautiful, Baby.”

Her hand goes into my shorts. I’m not wearing anything underneath them, preferring to go commando and not be restricted. When her hand shyly wraps around my cock, I drop my head back and groan. I strip out of my shorts and wrap my hand around hers. Guiding her and showing her just what I like.