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“Me too. Want to talk to you before you leave, if you have a minute,” I say as I turn to head back to my fiancé. Fuck ,do I love the sound of that.

“Sure, anything important?” he asks quietly.

“Yep. Want to bring you on as more of a partner. Harlow and I want to have some breathing room, if it’s something you’re interested in,” I quirk my eyebrow in return, waiting for his response.

“Absolutely. We can go over the details as soon as things calm down today,” he says. I nod my head and continue on my journey.



“Oh my gosh, Jess it’s been a whirlwind experience. One I wouldn’t trade for the world,” I tell her as she asks all the details.

“It must have been. You didn’t even let on that you were dating the boss!” she says so loudly that I tell her, “Shush, you. You know how rumors start and I didn’t want people to think the worst. Evan hated every moment of being a secret, but I think it all turned out great in the end.”

She grabs my left hand and see’s the engagement ring Evan gave me. It’s perfect for me, not too big and not small. I’ve never been the girl who needs material things. It just isn’t me. I grew up with an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ as a father and it carried on with my aunt as well.

“Wait until you see Sebastian. He just took over the east coast restaurant. He’s a professional fisherman about to turn night club owner and he is fine. Well not as fine as Evan, but you know what I’m saying,” I whisper to Jessica.

“What? I thought Evan was going to be expanding. He sold the Jacksonville restaurant?” she asks.

“Yes, girl. He found all kinds of things going wrong and he didn’t want to be running himself ragged going between the three restaurants. Not that I blame him, with me about to start school I won’t be able to go with him all that much if he had to,” I tell her.

“Wow, I never would have thought. Well when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I have to get ready for my shift. Love you girl and I’m so damn happy for you!” she embraces me, and I tell her, “Love you too and thank you. It means the world to know you’re in my corner.”

She leaves and I feel Evan come behind me and hold me tight. I lean back into his body and soak him in. I almost hate that we had to come to work this morning, but I’m glad we did too.

“This was such an amazing surprise. How did Daniel even pull this off?” I ask Evan as I tilt my head to the side and over my shoulder.

“Sebastian. I swear that guy knows everything about everyone,” he grumbles leaning in to give me a kiss.

At first he takes it slow and just nips and gives me a closed mouth kiss, that is until I moan, “Evan,” then he takes my mouth. There’s no other way to describe it. I turn in his arms and hold onto him by his shirt on his shoulders. We break apart and I’m thinking we’ll both go our own separate ways to work. But boy am I wrong “Oomph,” I say as I find myself hanging upside down and over Evan’s shoulder. I hold on tight to his hips as he spins me around and says, “Thank you, but I’m taking my soon to be bride home for the day.”

He rushes us out and all I can do is smile.



9 months later

Harlow and I got married shortly after we were engaged. It wasn’t anything big, we went to the courthouse and got married on a Friday afternoon two months later. She gave me the best present after saying our vows.

She was pregnant with our child. I nearly fell to my knees when she told me. Harlow had tears in her eyes and I had to take care of her tears before I broke down in thankfulness for her.

Our bundle of joy came seven months later, screaming his head off. He looks just like me, but has Harlow’s nose. She grumbled about how she was a human incubator and yet Elijah looks nothing like her.

She had an easy pregnancy and an even easier time giving birth. She never once lost her cool during the whole process. I even found her in the kitchen just days after Elijah was born cooking and cleaning as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Harlow moaned and groaned about how she wasn’t an invalid, but when I managed to get her back into bed she fell asleep instantly.

I walk into the house from a day at the restaurant, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. There’s laundry in a basket folded and over flowing that needs to be put away. The vacuum is standing in a corner as if she was going to clean the floors but didn’t get that far. I smell the waft of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.