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He had been replaced by – dare I say – a nice guy.

Tanner leaned back with his fifth or six beer and sighed. “Yes, sir, it’s been an interesting ride.” He took a sip and flexed his eyebrows at me. “What about you, Candice Carlson, with your snappy business suits and an MBA from Harvard. Why is there no significant other in your life?”

I held the bottle to my lips and tried to be coy. “Who said there wasn’t a significant other in my life.”

“Facebooks says,” he shot back.

The bottle froze at my bottom lip. “Oh, my god. You scoped me out on Facebook?”

He huffed at me. “OMG, you scoped me out on Facebook? Of course, I did. Don’t you know, Facebook reveals all. And according to your relationship status, you are single.”

“Why isn’t there a relationship status that says none of your fucking business?”

“I think there is, actually,” he said with a thoughtful pout. “It’s the one right under ‘fuck off and die’.”

I drained the bottle and he handed me another. Then I made the mistake of telling him about Scott, and how his mother had forced him to break up with me.

“What a pussy,” he growled.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I said, smacking my lips. “Scott took the word pussy to new heights.”

“He set the pussy bar higher for all mankind,” Tanner said seriously. “Fucking mama’s boy.”

“You got that right.”

“Let me tell you something,” he said, bobbing in and out, slurring his words a little. “If you were my girl and my mom said to dump you?” He poked out his bottom lip and shook his head. “I’d say mom, no fucking way. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice girl out there!”

I almost blew beer though my nose. I grabbed a napkin and wiped my mouth as he grinned at my reaction. I waved my hands in front of my face to fan away the tears of laughter.

Almost in jest (almost) I asked, “So, you think I’m a nice girl?”

Tanner licked the beer from his lips and gazed into my eyes. “I think you are a very nice girl,” he said. “Do you think I’m a nice boy?”

“Oh no,” I said, feeling the flush of the alcohol flowing through my veins. I leaned in and batted my eyes at him. “I think you’re a bad boy, Mr. Wright. A very bad boy, indeed.”

I drained the bottle and slammed it on the table.


I gotta admit, I was a little shocked -- and more than a little turned on -- when Candice guzzled the remaining beer out of the bottle like a biker at a drinking contest and slammed it on the table.

She ran her tongue around her lips and blinked at me. She was a little drunk. We both were. But not so drunk that we didn’t know what was about to happen.

She burped and gave me a silly smile.

I burped louder and gave her a bigger smile.

I reached across the table for her. She put her hand in mine. She got out of her chair and came around to me. She straddled my legs to sit on my thighs, and put her hands on my cheeks.

She brought her mouth to mine and stared into my eyes as her tongue darted across my lips. Then she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to mine and our tongues began to rock and roll.

In an instant, my hands were exploring her body. She was wearing a pair of loose boxer shorts. I slid my hands into the leg holes and dug my fingers into her ass cheeks. I could feel her big tits pressing into my chest. She writhed against me as we kissed. I felt my blood beginning to boil.

“No one can know,” she said, breathing into my ear as I nibbled the ridge of her jaw. She had her hands on the sides of my head. She pulled my head back to look at me. “Tanner, do you hear me? No one can know.”

“I hear you,” I said, gazing into her eyes. “No one can know.”

She stared deeply into my eyes for a moment, as if trying to determine if I was telling the truth or just saying it to get laid. Quickly satisfied, she pressed her lips to mine again and started tugging up my t-shirt. I pulled my hands from her ass and tugged the shirt over my head. She did the same.

Her beautiful breasts bounced as the shirt came off her head. Her breasts were full and round and milky white. Her areolas and nipples were like dark strawberries on two porcelain plates.

My hands went to her breasts and gently massaged them as my fingertips teased her nipples.

God I loved those big, natural breasts…

Nothing felt as good in a man’s hand as a woman’s natural tits.

Okay, fine, I like the fake ones, too, but Candice’s were freakin’ amazing.

My cock was hard and ready to play.

It pushed against my jeans as she slid her ass and cunt back and forth against my thigh.