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The second Tanner’s thumbs brushed against my clit hood my entire body shook, as if I was having a spasm. But it wasn’t a spasm. It was the first shudders of an orgasm that had been building inside of me for years. It had waited patiently in my womb since puberty, like a dormant volcano waiting for the elements to demand its eruption.

I sucked in air through my teeth and cupped my breasts together. I squeezed my nipples as Tanner’s fingers explored the folds of my pussy.

“Beautiful,” I heard him say as he bent his head to place gentle kisses on my pussy lips. His lips found my clit and another shudder rumbled through me. My pussy was flowing as Tanner’s lips and tongues swirled around my clit and his fingers found my opening. I felt him slide in one finger, then two. His hand was lubricated by my juices. His fingers slid in easily. There was a little pain, but I tried to ignore it.

Nothing was going to stop me from having Tanner’s cock inside me. Nothing.

I felt the orgasm building from deep within my body. Tanner quickened the pace of his finger-fucking as he sucked on my clit like a Tic Tac (don’t you just love these drunken sex analogies?).

“I’m… cumming…” I said, squeezing my breasts until they ached. “Oh… my… GOD…”

I bucked my ass off the bed and pressed my pussy into Tanner’s face. He slid the fingers out of me and covered my pussy with his mouth. He sucked and licked and swallowed and moaned until I stopped thrashing on the bed and begged him to stop.

“Beautiful,” he said again, rubbing my thighs and smiling with a face covered in my tangy sauce. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand like a man finishing a satisfied meal. He got to his feet and stared down at me as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

“Let me do it,” I said, pushing myself up. I dug my fingers into the waistband and pulled the jeans and his underwear down his long legs together. His cock sprang up and bounced in my face.

“Careful,” he said, smiling down at me. “You’ll put your eye out with that thing.”

“Shut up,” I said with a grin. I let my eyes go down his body. I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. His chest and shoulders were round with muscles. His nipples were hard like little pebbles. My eyes trailed down his chiseled abs and came to rest at the crop of thick brown curls and the cock that emerged from them. It was long and girthy, thickly veined with a head that mushroomed before my eyes.

I took in a slow, deep breath and wrapped my fingers around the shaft. Tanner sighed as I started slowly pumping my hand back and forth along the shaft from base to head. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was the first cock I’d ever seen that wasn’t in a magazine or on a computer screen. And certainly, the first cock I’d ever touched. I loved the way it felt in my hand, so hard, so warm, so long… so… addictive…

Tanner put his hands on my shoulders as I played with his balls with one hand and milked the shaft with the other. When I lowered my lips to give the head a little kiss, his fingers dug into my shoulders and he moaned my name.

He smiled as the head of his cock disappeared into my mouth and my tongue swirled along the underside. I was suddenly glad that I’d watched enough online porn to make most teenage boys blush. Hey, give me a break. When you’re a virgin, you have to do research so you’ll know what to do if and when the time comes. I’m not freakin’ Loretta Lynn, you know. There will be no surprises for me beneath the covers come my wedding night.

“Oh, god, Candice,” Tanner said as I quickened the pace of my hand on his shaft and the suction of my lips. “I want you. I want to fuck you. I want to be inside of you.”

I let his cock slide out of my mouth and he pushed me back on the bed. He climbed on top of me and kissed me again. A good, long, hard, sloppy wet kiss that made my toes tingle.

“I have to tell you something,” I said, whispering in his ear.

“What is it?” he asked as he took my earlobe between his teeth.

“I’ve never done this,” I said.

He propped up on his hands and frowned at me.

“You’ve never done what?”

“This,” I said, gazing into his eyes. “I’ve never had sex.”

He blinked at me for a moment. “You haven’t?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Well, why not?”

I blew out a heavy sigh that made his hair wave. “I was saving myself.” Tears came to my eyes. “How stupid was that, huh. I’m the silly girl who saved herself for years for a guy who broke up with me because his mommy told him to.” I closed my eyes and shook my head. Now I’d done it. Talk about a mood killer.

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