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“I’m glad you waited,” Tanner said. I opened my eyes to see him smiling softly at me. “But are you sure you want to do this with me?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” I said, sniffing back the tears.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.


“Do you want me to make love to you?”


“Do you trust me not to hurt you?”

My eyes went around his. “Yes.”

“Then, shhhh….”

He pressed his lips to mine again. This time the kiss was soft and caring. His tongue slowly went around my lips, then probed inside my mouth to find my tongue waiting.

I spread my legs and Tanner lowered himself onto me. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and guided the head to my opening. He lowered his hips until the head was just about to slip inside me. He didn’t take his eyes off mine.

I knew every woman was different. I knew that losing my virginity required that Tanner break through my hymen. I knew there could be pain as he tore through the thin veil of tissue. But once inside, the pleasure would override the pain. At least that’s what I was counting on.

“Slowly,” I sighed. Tanner slid the head of his cock inside me. I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting around him. He slid in a little more and I felt him hesitate. He had reached the barrier. I licked my lips, took a deep breath, and gave him a nod.

Tanner backed out an inch, then slid inside me in one quick thrust. A moment of pain gave way to an intense feeling of pleasure.

“Yessss,” I sighed, wrapping my legs around his waist. “Fuck me, Tanner. Fuck me hard and good.”


A virgin?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Candice Carlson was a virgin?

I didn’t believe it.

I’d never met a virgin that could suck cock like that.

Wait, I’d never met a virgin.

Holy shit.

How freakin’ lucky am I?

Now, I’m not a complete asshole. When she told me she was a virgin I asked to make sure that she wanted to give her cherry to me. She said she did. Never let it be said that Tanner Wright ever disappointed a lady in distress.

I’m also not insensitive to the inner workings of the female anatomy. Candice told me to go slow, so that’s what I did. But once the dam broke, she was like a wildcat beneath me.

She clawed my back as I jackhammered my cock in and out of her. Holy crap… she was tight as a drum. It was as if her pussy had little fingers that squeezed and milked my cock with every thrust.

I braced my palms on the bed beside her and watched her face as the virgin’s first real orgasm built in her body. Her beautiful big boobs bounced on her chest. She grabbed them and pushed them together and squeezed her nipples until they turned deep crimson.

Jeez, I had the best view in the house for this one.

I felt my balls begin to tighten as my orgasm prepared for eruption. I slid my cock into her as far as it would go, then back out and in again.

“Oh… Tanner… I’m cumming… cum with…”

She opened her eyes and smiled as she came.

She parted her lips and beckoned to be kissed.

My tongue probed deeply into her mouth as my cock filled her with my hot cum.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her as she came.

A few more good thrusts, another shudder or two, and I felt her go limp.

With a happy sigh, I collapsed on the bed beside her and fell fast asleep.


The five days we spent in Tucson were the best five days of my life. Not because the work was fulfilling or because I impressed the heck out of everyone with my knowledge of the telecom industry and cost analysis – which I did - duh.

The five days were amazing because they included four nights that found Tanner Wright in my bed.

Even though we could barely keep our hands off one another, we somehow managed to keep our affair a secret.

There was one close call when we were making out in the hotel elevator and Costas and Stan were standing there when the doors opened. Of course, by then, I was on one side of the elevator and Tanner was on the other. We did our best to pretend that we could barely stand one another.

It was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do. When we were in the same room (or elevator) my fingers longed to touch his skin. My lips ached for his. My lady-parts wanted to party with his man-parts. And party, we did.

We avoided each other during the day, which wasn’t terribly difficult. I was always locked away with geeks and analysists while Tanner was wined and dined by the CEO and other executives. I got the distinct impression that if Wright Enterprises didn’t acquire Anderson Telecommunications, Anderson would not be around for very much longer.

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